The Challenges of Building Future-Ready Workforce


Posted on: 11 June 2019 by Aileen Scott

Do you think your workforce is ready for what the future may hold? If not, see how workforce certification can prepare your employees for the challenges that Industry 4.0 is going to shower over the business world.

There are a variety of business themes need attention and discussions to revolve around them. There is a bunch of topics in business that are boundless and have a scope for improvement, but wistfully, not many people take interest in have conversations over these vast subjects. Gearing up talent for the workforce challenges of the future is one such matter that needs to be recognized, hence, this article reveals the issue of upskilling employees for dealing with business problems that may arise in the coming years.

In a survey where multiple questions were asked from CXOs about the readiness of professionals for the 4th industrial revolution, they were not very keen on discussing this topic. This unveiled the fact that when it comes to talking over business-related subjects, talent was right at the bottom of the list.

According to this survey, 86% of the people who were asked to share their thoughts disclosed that preparing the workforce for future through workforce certification is one of their topmost priorities. But, the way the skills and talent space is evolving, executives do not have much idea about how to lay the groundwork to actually infuse their workers with the needed expertise.

But, it seems like executives came face to face with the reality just a year later since a report on business preparedness for Industry 4.0 by Deloitte Global showed that this number has reduced by half as only 47% believe still believe in the same theory. And, this indicates that executives have adopted a much realistic approach when it comes to confronting the challenges of the upcoming industrial revolution and they are also planning to take actions accordingly.

Addressing the inconsistency of skills

To tell the truth, that time is not far when technological inventions of this century are going to have a significant impact over every facet of business and operations is definitely going to be majorly affected, hence, in the future of workforce, professionals with the intellectual capacity to make full optimization of modern technologies are going to be high in demand. Around 55% of the respondents brought this fact out in the open that there is a certain mismatch between the current skills of their workforce and the expertise that their businesses require to grow in the future. And, almost 46% of them do not have a clue about what the future skills are going to be.

 Therefore, organizations are rapidly moving towards educating their staff through workforce certification since the development of skills is not keeping pace with the swift changes that are taking place all around the business world.

In connection to the acquisition of required skills, most of the executives think that the current education system is not moving at the same speed as technological advancements, so 55% of them strongly believe that the system of education needs to be reconstructed in order to prepare people for future changes that Industry 4.0 will bring.

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