The Best Souvenirs to Bring to Your Grandparents from Greece


Posted on: 30 December 2020 by Amy Smith Brown

Sure the list is long, but we are here for you. So do not worry, let's go and discover together those Greek souvenirs that will impress your grandparents back home, bringing a little of the unique essence of Greece to your home.

So you traveled to Greece, walked in its picturesque alleys, swam in its deep blue seas, and tasted the local delicacies of the famous Mediterranean cuisine, in short, you did everything in this destination that was on your bucket list for a long time. But now it's time to buy the right souvenirs for those waiting for you back home. You certainly do not want to return empty-handed, especially to your grandmother, who personally asked you to bring them some of the amazing products produced by this dream country. But what are those products that you could buy to offer to your loved ones?

Sure the list is long, but we are here for you. So do not worry, let's go and discover together those Greek souvenirs that will impress your grandparents back home, bringing a little of the unique essence of Greece to your home.

Demitasse Cup Sets

These small cups of coffee are available in every corner of Greece. Every Greek household that makes traditional Greek coffee serves it in these specific and particular coffee cups, which present the strong character of the place adorned with handmade illustrations and drawings. It is an excellent choice for your grandparents back home, to whom you can also offer a package of local Greek coffee to accompany it with their new cups. They can also be used as an excellent decoration option.

Worry Beads (Komboloi)

Komboloi is an ideal gift for grandpa rather than grandma. It is an integral part of Greek folk culture, which is used to reduce stress and employ people's hands. Think of it as a fidget spinner, but for the elderly (just kidding). The komboloi consist of various types of beads that can be made of glass or wood, all of which are attached with a string. The majority of elderly Greeks have at least one komboloi in their possession, while many households use larger worry beads sizes to decorate their premises.

Evil Eye (Mati) and Local Jewellery

Greece and many other cultures that extend to the Mediterranean use these jewels as a "protection" against envy and negative thoughts. In fact, this jewelry always depicts an eye, which symbolizes the malicious thoughts of some people against you. It is an ideal market for your grandmother, especially if she believes in superstitions. But in addition to eye jewelry, there are various other ornate gold and silver jewelry that could make grandma happy back home.

Olive Oil Soap and Beauty Products

The products and especially the soap that comes from olive oil, have beneficial properties from most conventional soaps and are ideal for use on sensitive skins. Dozens of other products are also produced with olive oil as the main ingredient, which is known to be the basis of the Mediterranean diet as its use gives health, wellness, and longevity.

Believe us, your grandparents will love them. Now through the online store Greek Bio Store, you can look for all those quality beauty and wellness products straight from their place, even when you have left the country and think it's too late. The best herbal products of Greece directly at your door with the ease of your mouse click.

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