The best places to take an autumn staycation


Posted on: 08 August 2017 by Christopher McKissock

Ever wanted to travel out of season to somewhere in the UK? Here's a few places to get you thinking..

We all know the benefits of retiring are numerous. Ask anyone who’s finished up work and is living a life of leisure will have their own personal favourite parts. One thing that we can all agree is a great advantage of not having to work is that ability to take off-peak holidays.

The thought of visiting a beach resort and finding it full of families and screaming children is enough to put you off going on holiday all together. This makes taking them time to take a trip out of season all the more valuable. You can save a great deal of money if you keep it local, and having a so-called ‘stay-cation’ here in blighty. Here’s a selection of great places to visit in the UK during out of season months.


The midlands city has undergone a transformation in the last few years, making it as interesting a place to take a city break as its European counterparts. Dependant on what kind of holiday you’re looking for, there’s plenty of shopping to do and many high quality hotels in the city centre. Manchester also has a proud musical tradition, if you want to do some musical-based sightseeing, otherwise football fans would be daft to not get tickets to a Manchester derby.


Sitting just to the north of London, the region of Hertfordshire offers a broad range of things to do, depending on what type of holiday you might be looking for. For those looking for towns to visit, there’s lots to see in the likes of Stevenage, Watford, Hitchin, and Hertford itself. The area is steeped in history and visitors can easily see the likes of Ashridge House, St Albans Abbey, and the Roman Verulamium, which also lives in St Albans.


For those who are wanting to get away to the Welsh countryside, there are few places that offer more than the Pembrokeshire region. Sitting right on the Irish Sea, this places is a walker’s paradise with picturesque beaches and many miles of dramatic coastline. For those looking to have a quiet couple of days away, a cottage here is a tonic. Otherwise there’s plenty of activities to do such as Pembroke castle and even falconry.


The north East of Scotland remains one of the country’s moist underappreciated hot spots. With a great many small towns resting between the coast of the North Sea and the Cairngorm Mountains, the likes of Aberlour, offer a great deal to those who come to visit. Known as one of the oldest towns in Aberdeenshire, Aberlour has a great tradition in Whisky, and tourists can visit the local Aberlour and Macallan distilleries for a wee dram. If the weather is good there’s plenty of walks to do in the area too. Just don’t forget your midge repellent!

The UK offers lots of great holiday destinations, and if you get a chance to visit somewhere outside of the peak season, you can enjoy a quiet break in a big city or a rural setting. 

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