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Posted on: 26 December 2015 by Romeo Dem

In Croatia, if there is one particular city that is known for it’s scenic beauty along with an undeniable serenity, it has to be Sibenik. For the elderly, the area is absolutely perfect for it’s quiet and comfortable atmosphere, making it a really great place to retire and enjoy the finer things in life. There are so many nice, quaint and beautifully essential places to live for those who are looking to retire.

So many places in this wonderful city are of walking distance, literally taking only just a few minutes to get from the bus station to the lovely downtown old city centre. Anybody can get just about everywhere on foot, with some of the most distant locations only being just a half-an-hour away. 
Pure Relaxation
There are many beautiful beaches to enjoy, take a nice swim and peruse, including the Kornati and Krka State Parks. The beaches and state parks always stay immensely clean and provide an individual or a couple with hours of pure fun and relaxation. 
The splendid state parks are full of absolutely breathtaking scenery of flora, fauna, waterfalls and several locations within Sibenik have archaeological and historical remains. The history of Sibenik and it’s historical places are sights which so many of the residents and tourists find interesting and so enjoyable.
Wonderful Atmosphere people who look to retire in Sibenik will no doubt enjoy the great cafes and eateries, with the type of cuisine which puts Croatia on the map for it’s tasty eats. The cafes on the riva have slowly but surely acquired much acclaim for their food, coffee and relaxing atmosphere which always come second to none. 
The region's countryside is loaded with locations that will fill the imagination with its surrealistic beauty. One location in particular is the hidden and gorgeous St. Laurence's Medieval Monastery Garden, known for providing people with afternoons of splendor and light recreation.
A Wonderful Place to Live
What so many of Sibenika residents and future residents find so great about it is the low cost of living. The housing is really affordable, so when you combine how cheap the economy is to live in, it is no wonder why so many retirees find Sibenik a wonderful place to live and enjoy the rest of their lives.
A place filled with beauty and inspiration is the Fortress of St. Michael, which happens to be located at 70m above sea level, directly behind the old city agglomeration. Undeniably fantastic views of the city can be had at the Sibenik bay and it’s inviting channel, which always provide someone for a great opportunity for taking a photo of it’s majestic sights. Around the time of late Summer, Dalmatian Chanson Evenings will give people nights of great entertainment and the tickets are available at fantastically low prices. 
Places to Always Enjoy is countless property for sale within the city limits of Sibenik that are very affordable and beautiful. Those individuals and couples who are retiring will find the entire area filled with things to do and places to relax and enjoy and that is what life is all about.

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