The Best Cars for Your Retirement Years


Posted on: 13 November 2014 by Louise Williams

I have always struggled with car buying - my knowledge of cars is limited and 'does it go' has always been the only question I have asked of a car. Now that money is not as plentiful I have to do more research. I thought I'd share my research and findings!

Many retirees decide to first invest in a new vehicle. This is because, previously, you’d buy a car to fulfil a basic function, such as what was best for business or your family. Now, though, you have the freedom to choose what’s best for your new lifestyle. Read on to find out how to choose the best car for your retirement years.

Choosing a Car

First off, you need to think about how you’re going to be spending these years. If you're interested in the country life, but don’t want to leave the grandchildren in the city, you might want something that’s a good traveller. If you’re committed to the city life, a smaller car for running around the city will be the best choice for you.

Likewise, you’ll want to consider the features of the vehicle. As you grow older, driving becomes that little bit harder, so consider cars which have new safety features that can help you access your blind spot or parallel park more easily. Of course, if these don’t help you and you’re struggling with your vision, then you should stop driving immediately.

While these kinds of technologies often come at a premium, they may be worth investing in depending on your circumstances. Similarly, grandparents will want to make sure their car has enough room to comfortably fit an ISOFIX standard child seat.

The Best Options

Volkswagen's seventh generation Golf has not only been getting rave reviews for its impressive build quality and 74.3 miles-per-gallon, it’s also regarded as one of the top cars that hold their value. If you buy a mid-ranged model today, it should still be worth a great sum three years from now as there’s a consistently high demand. Of course, the Golf isn’t the only car that retains its value, and there are a number of other cars that hold their value well.

The Ford Kuga is the perfect vehicle for the grandparents on the weekends, gaining five star reviews on its safety systems. A full array of airbags as well as electronic stability controls come as standard across the Kuga range. Not just for the kids, though, the Kuga’s a great drive for the adults with a range of strong engines across the product line.

Kia is often recommended for its, across the board, seven year warranty, and its Cee’d and Soul series are no exception. The Soul, in particular, comes with a quirky look, efficient petrol or diesel engines, and a high driving position that should be comfortable for long journeys.

Your retirement years can turn into some of the best years of your life. No longer shackled by your work commitments, you can travel, focus on your hobbies, or explore new pastimes. Make sure you enjoy this time by picking the best vehicle for your needs.

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