The Benefits of Using a Reputable Home Buyers Service


Posted on: 10 October 2014 by William Freddy Hope

When looking at selling a home due to several reasons, it's always a good idea to research the best way to go about doing. I have outlined a few points that I had in mind, that I feel are worth sharing

If you need to sell your house quickly, whether it is due to retiring abroad or moving into a care home, you may like to consider using a home buyer’s service.  They may be of great benefit to those looking for a quick sale because they can take the time and hassle out of selling your home by buying it directly from you.

This means that you do not have to spend time advertising your property, arranging viewings or even waiting for prospective buyers to find a buyer for their own property before they are able to buy yours.  If you are considering using such a service the following is an idea of how the process works and what you should look for in your home buyer.

The Quick House Sale Market and the Process Behind it

The first step is to get an initial offer for your house.  This may be provided by you providing details of your property over the telephone or by someone attending your property to view it in person.  This initial offer will give you a good indication of how much you are likely to get for your property.  You should use this initial offer to decide whether or not you can or want to sell your property for that much, although you should always factor in the condition of the market and the economic climate as a whole.

The next step is to get a formal offer.  This offer will usually be given after formal valuations of your property have been made by professionals, such as local estate agents.  If you are also happy with this offer the next step will be to appoint a solicitor and instruct a chartered surveyor to inspect your property.  When considering which home buying company to instruct, it is well worth checking to see if they are willing to cover the cost of both your solicitor and the valuation.  Although most companies may not, there are some forward-thinking companies such as that will. 

In Summary

As solicitors and valuations can be expensive this will increase the profit you make on the sale of your property.  Once the report has been received you and the company will be able to set an exchange and date and your property will be sold. This can be done within a period of just seven days if you use the best and most effective service providers, meaning that you have a unique opportunity to maximise the value in your home and complete and efficient sale.

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