The Benefits of Regular Physiotherapy


Posted on: 20 June 2019 by Tracey Clayton

We hope these six benefits will help you to reach a better of just how useful regular physiotherapy sessions can be.

Physical injuries, arthritis, soreness and other physical problems are amongst the most common medical issues, especially amongst to older population.  No big surprises here – our bodies are simply exposed to constant stress that piles up and eventually needs to take a toll. The good news here is that painful surgeries are not the only way out of these situations.

As a matter of fact, most of the physical issues and injuries can be addressed with far less intrusive physiotherapy. Let's take a look at some of the most important benefits of this novel medical approach.

Preventing the fear of medical treatment

It is not a secret that a large number of people avoid visiting their physicians on a regular basis due to the so-called "white coat syndrome". If we take a look at recent research conducted in Riyadh in which a vast majority of participants expressed their fear of undergoing general anesthesia, we can see that it makes one of the strongest contributors to this fear. All of this makes physiotherapy not only an equally efficient way to surgical procedures but also a way to encourage people to undergo medical treatment on a more frequent basis.

Injury prevention

If we travel to more eastern parts of Asia, we can see a growing number of clinics performing physiotherapy in Hong Kong talking a more holistic approach in their practice and expanding their services to treatments like pre-habilitation. In this type of approach, physiotherapists observe how their patients sit, run, walk, lift heavy objects, etc. Based on this information, they can detect early signs of injuries and propose exercises to correct these movement patterns.  A welcome practice that is yet to take a full swing in the region.

An answer to general health issues

Although we often think about physiotherapy in terms of temporary disability and heavy injuries, this medical practice provides an excellent answer even to some more general and often age-related health issues like arthritis, osteoporosis. Also, because it's heavily rooted in physical exercises, physiotherapy provides older patients with much necessary workout that, depending on its frequency and intensity, can have a positive impact on cardiovascular health.

Improving balance

Balance issues can be caused by a wide variety of problems, ranging from poor blood circulation to ear infections. One of the most common mentions on this list are disorders in the vestibular system. The fortunate fact about this unpleasant situation is that physiotherapy screenings usually include challenges used to discover these disorders. The physical therapists are then able to devise exercises that can restore proper vestibular functioning and eliminate dizziness.

Help in recovering from a stroke

Depending on its intensity, stroke can impair a variety of functions like speech, vision, movement and even eating. Physiotherapy can play a huge role in stroke recovery. Namely, physical therapists are able to identify the exercises that can help to recover patients to maintain circulation and prevent limb stiffness. As their condition improves, patients are able to proceed to more demanding therapies that help them relearn common motions and gradually reclaim their self-reliance.

Improved mobility

Last but not least, even if you are not suffering from any specific medical condition, paying frequent visits to your physical therapist can help you expand your range of motion. As a result, you become more capable of dealing with any kind of activity ranging from house chores to work-related obligations. These benefits have become widely recognized so it has become common to see businesses incorporating physical therapy into their obligatory medical and RTW policies.

We hope these six benefits will help you to reach a better of just how useful regular physiotherapy sessions can be. Although it’s often practiced as a supplement to surgeries or in post-surgery recovery this type of treatment can improve your life quality in numerous other ways. We say it’s worth a check.


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