The Benefits of Frameless Glass in the Home


Posted on: 28 November 2014 by Vickie Harrison

If you’ve reached that exciting golden age and you finally have more time on your hands to renovate the home or to tackle those long awaited DIY projects, consider the importance of natural light as you start to make those exciting changes to your property.

Natural light can help you create a feeling of spaciousness and can help you boost the value of your property too. Whether you’re looking to make your home a more comfortable place for when your grandkids come to stay, or you’re hoping to sell up to go in search of a new retirement retreat, light and space is paramount.


If you can’t afford a conservatory extension, frameless glass could be the perfect option to help make your home look and feel much more spacious and airy. But there’s more; sliding doors for your living room or kitchen can bring many advantages.


Here are the top 5 benefits of installing frameless glass doors into your home:


  1. Create More Light in the Home

Natural light is a desirable feature for potential buyers and frameless glass sliding panels can help you achieve increased light in the home. Natural light can also help to make your home feel more spacious, so if you are trying to sell your property, this will play in your favour. To further increase the natural light, be sure to place mirrors around the property and use light colours on the walls. Visit Apartment Therapy for more tips on maximising natural light.


  1. Get Closer to the Great Outdoors

If you’re a green fingered enthusiast, frameless glass doors in the living room could be the perfect gateway to your work of art during the summer months. Bring the beauty of the outside, inside; frameless glass will break down that brick barrier between you and your backyard, and you and your guests can admire the plush greenery from the comfort of the living room.


  1. Give Your Home a Contemporary Makeover

Frameless glass doors are slick and have a super-modern look. If you are looking to update your home, a fresh lick of paint combined with new frameless glass doors will give your property a brand new look in an instant. Sliding doors are extremely versatile when it comes to home décor and interior design so you are not tied down to one certain look. Go for Scandinavian minimalism or opt for British Colonial; whatever your style.


  1. Create an Open Space

Whether you choose to have a frameless glass door leading to your garden, or you want a frameless glass door between two rooms in your home, the sliding feature of the door will ensure that you have the benefits of open plan living. This is perfect if you look after young grandchildren and need to keep an eye on them from a different room in the house.


  1. Safety with a Sliding Door System

On the same note, for those who look after grandkids or for those who host regular garden parties and family gatherings, a sliding door system can optimise the safety in your home. Completely retractable, you don’t run the risk of small fingers getting trapped in doors or any door slamming when you have youngsters coming in and out of the house.


To find out more information about frameless sliding door systems, or to see a gallery of examples, visit FGC Frameless Glass Curtains Ltd.

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Rylee Warren posted 07 July 2020

Thanks for sharing the benefits of frame less glass with us. I will make sure to install this glass in my living room. This Info is great, and I will make sure that I tell all my friends and families about this frame-less glass, as well.

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