The Benefits Earned Due To Pvt Ltd Company Registration In India


Posted on: 14 April 2017 by Registrations India

When you change your company from a sole proprietorship and decide for Pvt Ltd Company Registration in India, you will enjoy lots of benefits that arise from the features of a private limited company.

The features of a private limited company provide a lot of benefits to the owners and that is why more and more people are opting for Pvt Ltd Company Registration in India. The first and most significant benefit of registering a private limited company is that the liability aspect of the owner. When you register a company, it becomes a separate entity, and therefore the debt and liabilities does not lie on the owner. Such liability can be of two different types namely, limited liability and unlimited liability. Liabilities cab be limited by guarantees, shares or by both as per your discretion.
Company Never Dies
When a company is registered, there is no question of its death even if the members dies or ceases to function. It has perpetual succession enjoying the same immunities, privileges, estates and also continues to enjoy and have the same possessions. It is easier to transfer the ownership of the company as it is easier to leave and subscribe the membership of the company. The company’s assets are separate property from that of the owners and shareholders and can be managed, controlled and disposed of by the company itself.
The Economic Benefit    
You enjoy a lower rate of tax when you register a company as compared with your personal tax which will be considered for any sole proprietorship firm. You can also raise money easily be selling shares to the public, although there are some specifications according to the formation of the company and its management. Therefore, managing, governing and controlling the business becomes easy when you register. 

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Rylee Warren posted 13 August 2020

If you have registered your private company then you are eligible for a tax return. I would suggest you check out this tax return calculator to see how much tax are you going to get back.


Lowell Jones posted 17 December 2020

check out this tax return calculator if you own a home

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