Tech Trends GIving A Makeover To Beauty Industry In 2020


Posted on: 23 June 2020 by Amy Johnson

Modern trends and innovation have not left any of the fields untouched, and the beauty sector is one of them.

Modern trends and innovation have not left any of the fields untouched, and the beauty sector is one of them. During the last few decades, the beauty sector has transformed magnificently. Combo of creativity and technology have become the current trend these days, attracting and engaging more shoppers to make a purchase. Virtual and product innovation have joint hands to provide an excellent experience to customers on their demand.

Explore To Know Which Tech Trends Has Changed The Face Of Beauty Industry In 2020

The beauty industry is experiencing a significant boom these days and is valued around at a staggering $532 billion, this figure is estimated to reach more high in upcoming years. One of the reports predicts that the skincare subsection will experience a growth of 4% each year, while other Statista estimates that the general global retail sales are expected to reach around $28 trillion by 2020.

Technology is helping the beauty industry and other industries to provide new experiences to their prospective customers. It’s enabling customers to acquire exactly what they expect to have, and at the time, they want the same.

Artificial Intelligence And Virtual Testing

Consumers these days expect a certain level of efficiency and ease, especially when they expect to purchase from any of the brands online. However, businesses that want to provide excellent customer experience have to make sure to use modern technology such as artificial intelligence and virtual testing. Many beauty brands are using AI technology to personalize the products to provide their customer with an improved experience.

3D Printed Makeup

According to the report, nearly half of consumers like that a beauty product is personalized only for their use and provides them with a better result. Combining 3D-printing, AI-powered image analysis, and facial recognition technology allow brands to sell make-up directly to consumers whenever and from wherever they want. This will provide convenience to try to make up before making the purchase of the same.

Power Of The People

Modern technology and innovations are providing more convenience and power to customers. Today’s consumers demand convenience to use the products at home, they love to use a product like a best laser hair removal at home, skin tightening machine at home as it provides them quick solution for their beauty issues that also without losing their convenience. And brands that you provide customers with such services are smart enough and will definitely survive in today's competitive market.

Keep Ahead In Fiercely Competitive Market

Brands need to maintain transparency to favor customers' interest with business products or services which they are selling. Maintaining transparency and providing convenience to customers can help businesses to leverage competitive advantages for their business and keep them ahead in a fiercely competitive market. Beauty brands can also adopt new methods and develop an excellent platform to address customers' needs by allowing them with personalized products and services.

Summing It Up

Changes are uncertain and unstoppable for almost all the business sectors, including the beauty sector. Beauty brands and entrepreneurs need to adopt a new change to stay ahead of the curve and to leverage benefits offered by modern technology.


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