Tea Towels Could Be Used At Events & Functions


Posted on: 15 June 2016 by Jessica Summit

On an efficiently run occasions or functions, one must not underestimate the value of tea towels. The things like Vintage Tea Towels are always used for almost every purpose and all the time.

On an efficiently run occasions or functions, one must not underestimate the value of tea towels. The things like Vintage Tea Towels are always used for almost every purpose and all the time. Simple towels are commonly used in almost every house. Some people also know these towels as dish towels. Your kitchen could look more organized, neat and clean with these towels. They are usually made up of materials which are extremely absorbent like linen or cotton. Some towels are made up of very high quality paper-materials that hold compressed fiber. Here is a powerful tip for the cooks, especially who want to have lots of fresh, dry and lint-free tea towels, they should have them in two different colors so that the kitchen staff could use one color and the drinks staff can use the other one.
They usually come in different variety of sizes, shades, designs and forms. You can also pick them for using on an appropriate occasion accordingly. If there is any business meeting or some clients are coming to your house, then linen tea towels really look professional and glossy and are considered to be the most appropriate choice to use in the event. If you are scheduling a children's party, to be held at your home, then tea towels with attractive designs of cartoon characters and multicolored toys are considered best. Mostly these tea towels could help you to save your money. If you are taking glasswares on rent for your event, then tea towels will help you in saving the money in two ways;
It’s all depends on the number of staff you have for your event, so that you would return the glasses that are coming back to the kitchen for the purpose of reuse them. Obviously at that time drying is not possible using wet tea towels, but using nice, fresh, dry, and lint free green hand towels & tea towels you can send your glasses back to the party looking their best and by doing so you will be in a position to decrease the number of glasses that you hire.
Most of the companies who provide glasses on rent usually charge a fee for each and every glass which comes back to them unwashed and polished. This fee could be as high as 30 percent, and the fact is that you could keep your staff busy towards the ending of the event by getting these glasses clean, dry, and ready for return. You can only do this quickly if you have lots of good-looking, dry clean tea towels with you that have not been marked by the catering company.
It is really important if you Keep your drinks fabric separate from the cooking side so that food and drink does not get mixed off the table. However, if you want to clean your bar area, then it could be done with chucks or kitchen cloths that will help you to take up liquid very quickly and leave things spotless and hygienic.

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