STEM has become an everyday experience for learning


Posted on: 04 April 2018 by Akemi Tatsakura

The future is now with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Rivers Edge Elementary School’s 5th grade classes earned the highest scores in St. Lucie County’s 5th grade Science portion of the FCAT last year, and according to an article in St. Lucie County Schools’ LucieLinks Newsletter----students and teachers are not slowing down from striving to continue their long tradition of high achievement in the study of Science; moving forward in their efforts, Rivers Edge’s 5th grade classes are exploring how sound energy can be transferred to different objects.

The new Teacher Liaison, Abbey Stewart, in the Florida Department of Education had some interesting, surprising and almost shocking news to share as her son informed her of his class lesson at school after only two weeks in Kindergarten. At dinner, Ms. Stewart’s son proceeded to explain to her that a corner is called a vertex and that if there are multiple corners, they are called vertices (from the mouths of babes)!

The question was asked: What happens when robust professional development meets innovative STEM curriculum? The answer is that higher learning access and opportunities for students and rigorous training and support for educators manifest into reality. This was discovered by NEA Vice President Becky Pringle, Rev. Al Sharpton, state and local officials and the media in Trenton, New Jersey when they embarked on a learning tour and community forum on the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. Read the article,“NEA Leadership Praises STEM Program for Minority Students” by Anita Merina (NEA Today).

It is obvious, as stated by write papers for me writers, that STEM education has been with us for a while now and as it progresses onward, so much is being obtained in better preparing students for future careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Doors will be opened for the students of today because of the knowledge and preparatory skills they are acquiring early in the K-12 educational process. Click here to read the press release, Post-it Brand Unveils New Study Emphasizing the Importance of STEM Education in the United States. This study provides some very interesting, encouraging and useful information regarding parents by parenting and education expert, Dr. Michele Borba.

“Parents play a powerful role in exposing kids to STEM at an early age-- first by inciting their interest and next by arming them to develop the skill set needed to excel in these areas,” said Dr. Michele Borba, parenting and education expert. “Obstacles surrounding STEM education such as the lack of understanding, intimidation and complex subject matter need to be addressed so that parents can empower students and give them the edge they need to succeed.”

The study also revealed that while parents want to get involved with their students’ homework, there are challenges that exist today that weren’t present several years ago. Then and Now: Nearly 80 percent of parents believe homework is harder now than when they were in school. “Big Bang” Barriers: Parents feel they are struggling because the homework is too complicated (38 percent), they’re not good at math and science (29 percent) and students don’t want their help (28 percent). (Source: Post-it® Brand)

It appears parents may need to take some courses and/or do some cramming to comfortably help their children with their homework, especially when it comes to STEM. One thing is for certain, STEM is not just a good thing----but the very best thing to advance our students in the 21st Century for ultimate success.

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