Spring Clean Your Life: How to Create a Healthy Home


Posted on: 09 October 2017 by Tracey Clayton

Once you’re done with spring cleaning, you’ll feel much better and more prepared to welcome spring!

Spring is the best time to introduce changes into your life, from a new apartment or car to joining the gym and meeting the love of your love. But, no matter how many changes you experience, you mustn’t neglect a few important things such as your health, your inner peace and your home. After a long and tiring winter, it’s high time you did some spring cleaning and got rid of all the things you’ve horded since October. Cleaning your home will get you through the process of self-purification and you’ll feel like a new person afterwards. Here are some tips on how you can successfully spring clean both your home and your life.

Set the date

Starting to clean is always a challenge which most people avoid for as long as they can. That’s why dedicating an entire day or the weekend to this task is a must, but setting the specific date is an even better idea. Putting it in your calendar and scheduling it weeks in advance will help you prepare for the entire process, both mentally and physically, and make it much easier.

Moreover, if you plan ahead you’ll have enough time to prepare all the needed supplies and materials, and ask for an extra pair of hands. You’re going to need all the help you can get, so make sure it’s ready when you are.  Check that all your cleaning necessities are in great shape, it is best to opt for a quality backpack vacuum cleaner, it will enable you freedom of movement and easier access to hard-to-reach places. Finally, with a proper 24-hour schedule, your spring cleaning will be faster, more efficient and less exhausting.

Mind the conditions

When you think of spring cleaning, an image of an open window comes to mind, with lots of fresh air entering your home. And that’s great, because clean air is more than healthy, so leaving the windows wide open is the best way to start your spring cleaning. However, fresh air isn’t the only thing entering your home through those windows, and that’s something you’ll need to pay close attention to.

Despite it being the best time of the year for cleaning, spring is also the time of allergies. Allergens are everywhere around us – especially in the air and household products. So, check their content and make sure they don’t contain any toxic chemicals that could cause reactions, harm your health and affect the air quality in your home. Additionally, most people decide to invest some money into finding the best air purifier for allergies, thus reducing the chances of allergic attacks which allows them to focus on cleaning.

Focus on the kitchen

Although all parts of your home need care, you might want to pay special attention to your kitchen. It’s a place where the entire family gathers to prepare food, so it has to be absolutely spotless at all times. Reaching the highest level of hygiene isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible as long as you have a plan. Some of the areas you need to focus on are the appliances, cabinets, countertops and your cutlery.

While they seem difficult at first, none of these tasks take too much time – you’ll spend ten to fifteen minutes on each one and get them all done in just one day. This is undeniably necessary, too – your cabinets and fridge, for example, need to be degreased at least once a year, especially if you cook a lot. However, both your cutlery and your countertops require attention on a daily basis – just make sure you use strong products if you want your food to remain germ-free.

Other tips

Another thing you should do while spring cleaning your home is declutter every single room. This can also be the first thing on your to-do list, as it will leave you with a lot of free space. When you finally start, you won’t believe how much stuff you’re going to throw out, so this process is beneficial for your mind as well since people generally feel calmer and more focused in a decluttered space. Finally, some of the other things to do include getting rid of the germs and dirt, cleaning areas that are difficult to reach and dedicating some time to your patio and balcony. Once you’re done with spring cleaning, you’ll feel much better and more prepared to welcome spring!

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