South Point, Ohio


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South Point, Ohio


Ohio lies on the easternmost portion of the Great Lakes states. It is one of the United States’ most industrialized regions, but most of the industries can be found in the east. Situated west of West Virginia’s center is the city of South Point. The city is part of Lawrence County, Ohio, and is home to less than 4,000 residents. This part of Ohio is less populated and more forested as compared to its other counterparts. Enigmatic traces of the state’s earliest settlers exist in its state parks and reserves. Tourists will love South Point’s array of historical traces, trails, and state parks.

Exploring the City

Getting around South Point may not prove to be easy for first-time visitors, but the adventure is fun and worthwhile. Amtrak trains between Washington or New York in the east and Chicago to the west stop at Cleveland and Toledo or Cincinnati. From there, guests can ride one of the greyhound bus services offered daily. Taxi rides around town may cause 20 dollars for twenty minutes, so just opt for the Regional Transit Authority’s train rides instead for just $1.75. South Point is generally safe, though its sheer size makes explorations easier by car. The biking trail from Ohio to Erie spans 325 miles. Try that if you’re looking for daring ways to explore the city.

Best Hotel Accommodations

For a truly winning vacation in flourishing South Point, Ohio, the Comfort Suites is an affordable selection. Guests will find ample shopping, entertainment, and dining at the nearby establishments. Business travelers will find it easy to visit the conference centers nearby. After a day of touring the city, guests can relax in comfortable rooms with amenities such as high-speed internet and cable television. The Country Hearth Inns & Suites offers the same amenities, including free access to its outdoor pool and fitness areas. The deluxe economy hotel also offers complimentary breakfasts to all guests. Book your South Point Hotels with

Restaurants and Dining

Cheap eats at Taco Bell Restaurant, Arby’s and Subway are available on Sandusky Service Road or County Road. But if you’re looking for a unique experience, try the Ponderosa Steakhouse, also located on Sandusky Service Road. Customers will love the choices of two complete dinners with potato and garden salad for the price of one. Guests can mix and match grill chicken, chopped steak, fried shrimp, chicken Monterey, and sirloin tip choices. The restaurant also offers a Keep It Comin’ buffet option. Bob Evans offers meals that scream farm-fresh goodness. Their super sausage gravy, cranberry chicken and stuffed pork chops, and other farmhouse deals are available for just $6. If you’re looking for sumptuous subs, try the Ultimate Angus Philly offered by Arby’s which is topped off with delectable melted Swiss.

Tourist Attractions

Camden Park is South Point’s best attraction. The amusement park attracts guests from both Ohio and West Virginia. The establishment has more than 30 rides, with more thrilling options added each year. Major rides include the Big Dipper, Paratrooper, Dodgem’ Cars, Haunted House, Lil’ Dipper, Log Flume, Train, and a Carousel. The Sheltowee Trace has water bars and funnels that serve as proof of its topnotch stature. The Burlington Theater showcases some of the region’s best musicals and stage plays. For an enjoyable night out with friends, visit the Dancing Cowboys on County Road. A popular attraction among the youth, the Dancing Cowboys is a hybrid of both swank-lounge and trendy-club.



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The Country Hearth Inns & Suites offers the same amenities, including free access to its outdoor pool and fitness areas. |


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