Solo Living: Security Tips for Elders who live alone


Posted on: 16 May 2018 by Andrew Allen

Solo Living: Security Tips for Elders who live alone

According to the American Psychological Association, in a report from the Pew Research Center, there are approximately 12.5 million of senior citizens (ages 65 and above) who lives alone last 2014. This number has doubled by now and the government expects this to snowball in the forthcoming years. 

This number only shows that even elders wish to live a life that they please. However, it is apparent that solo dwelling is dangerous for seniors. There are a lot of risks involved such as crimes, accidents, and medical emergencies. That is the reason why most concerned family members that their elder loved ones are residing with them or staying at a senior care facility. 

But as a person, the elders also deserve an independent life. In fact, there are countless of studies proving the benefits of living alone for elders. But of course, elders should learn how to mitigate possible accidents inside their home. The good news is there are several sites nowadays that can supports home safety and guidelines for solo dweller seniors. 

Thus, if you are a senior who wants to live a carefree and independent life, here is what you need. Follow these ultimate home security tips to guarantee your safety and reduce accident hazards. 

#1 Prepare an Emergency Contact List

There are a lot of possibilities that may occur by living solo. Thus, you have to be prepared at all cost. Always keep an emergency contact list with you. If you prefer using mobile phones, make sure to place on speed dial your relatives and other emergency contacts. But in case you lost your phone or erased your contacts, keep a written list of these contacts with you all the time. With this, you can assure that you have someone to reach if accidents happen. 

#2 Install a Security System 

Elders who live alone are attractive to criminals. These individuals with maligned intentions think that elders are easy to attack. Therefore, to ward off this kind of people, install a home security alert system in around the perimeter of your property, especially inside the home. You can find security alert systems with a ready response team. Hence, using such alert system, criminals can do no harm to you and your family. 

#3 Invest in a Medical Alert System

As an elder, you are aware of your physical limitation. If you have a serious medical condition, make sure to invest in a medical alert system. These health tools are extremely helpful. For instance, Life Alerts have mobile medical alert devices with a one push button that sends a signal to the server during an emergency. One of the leading health tools this year is Bay Alarm Medical. You can ask and read review Bay Alarm Medical at Medical Alert Buyer’s Guide for some purchasing tips. 

Living solo has its benefits and disadvantages. And in the case of elders, the cons are outweighing the advantages. Thus, to prevent unwanted accidents, learn to secure your safety in and out of your home. 

Do you need more details about the leading medical alert systems? Check this out on Medical Alert Buyer’s Guide. 

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