Size and Protection Offered By Portable Safe Are Vital


Posted on: 16 March 2017 by James Vega

This is something that is convenient to carry everywhere; a pocket safe is a classic example.

Something that has great value should be kept and safely stored at home. Be it a valuable based on its’ cost and money worth or the just sentimental aspect that thing has. And to safeguard these personal belongings, safes for the home are made. For the ideal portable safe or any safe, here are two of the many important aspects to consider.









Protection Offered

Some Portable sentry safe biometric quick access pistol safe review may offer fire resistant feature, this type is better termed as fire safe. Underwriter Laboratories or UL are the ones responsible for testing the fire proof safety level of these safe. They categorized tested safes into 3 classes, A, B and C. Class A is able to endure fire for 4 hours, while Class B like some pocket safe can withstand fire for two hours and lastly Class C does it for just an hour. For cheap home safes, Class C is mostly the result from the test of UL.

Other portable safes are made to defend possible thief invasion. Underwriter Laboratories also test for this aspect. To receive a UL rating, a portable safe must undergo series of tests by professional safe hackers using a variety of paraphernalia and way to break into the safe. TL-15 is the rate of safes that are resistant to tampering that applies pressure for 15 minutes, there are also the TL-30 and TL-45.

Does Size Matter?

If safes for the home are what the buyer seeks, do away with the portable safe and go for a bigger and heavy safe since the placement of the safe is almost permanent and fixed. Plus growing collections such as guns is always a possibility so a bigger storage space when this event turns into a reality will be helpful.

On the other hand, if something useful during travel is what the buyer needs, go for a mini safe


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