Simple Tips For Choosing The Right Reading Glasses


Posted on: 19 April 2021 by Davis Martin

Here are some tips that would help you to get the right reading glasses for you.

Do you struggle to read small texts? It’s time you get one reading glass for yourself. Most people get reading glasses after 40, so it's a normal experience and nothing to worry about. Straining your eyes while reading a newspaper or other letters doesn’t mean you are losing your eyesight. It's just that age has superseded your vision and you can't get rid of those reading glasses.

In this article, we will guide you through the simple tips that you can follow while getting your reading glasses. Keep reading to know more!

If you feel prescription glasses are dorky then you are mistaken. They come in stylish design and attractive colors and patterns that correct your vision without compromising your style. Here are some tips that would help you to get the right reading glasses for you.

Custom and ready-made glasses

Firstly, decide which one do you prefer, ready-made glasses or customized ones. Ready-made glasses are easy to get and are less expensive. But these might not meet all your needs, and this is where customized glasses come to your rescue. Refer to an optician who would make the lenses as per your prescription so that your pupil is aligned and you get the best vision.

Frame shape and size

Lenses come in varieties of shapes and sizes as well as designs. Both narrow and wider reading glasses are available in the market. But if you have a stronger prescription then you must go for wider glasses. Narrow glasses might work for weaker prescriptions, but too small a lens may cause distorted vision or prism effect.

Lens design

Similarly, lenses come in various designs, and you must choose as per your vision.

  • Bi-focal lenses: The bottom half of these lenses are for reading, while the upper part for distant vision.
  • Tri-focal: These lenses have three parts and those are distance vision, intermediate vision, and near vision.
  • Single Vision: These are specially designed for distance vision.
  • Progressive Lens: These are designed without any division that gives you a smooth transition between distance and near focal areas. These lenses are more effective than any others.

Face type

Pick up the frames that complement your facial dimensions. If you have a round face, go for rectangular or square frames that are wider than your face. For square faces, oval or round glasses really go well. Geometrical glasses with strong bridges are perfect for oval faces. Round or aviator eyeglasses are ideal for heart-shaped faces.

Now as you know the types, get your reading glasses as per your face type to enhance your appearance.


Picking up the right color is also essential. If you have a warm skin tone go for tortoiseshell gold, beige, or brown colors would be the best fit. Whereas, for a cool skin tone, olive green, mauve, purple or pink frames colors would be perfect.


Metal frames, especially titanium or alloy frames, are more durable than plastic or acetate frames. These are light and stand up better to wear-and-tear. Polycarbonate lenses are quite popular nowadays, which are much lighter and safe. There are various material types but get the one that suits well with your preferences and lifestyle.

Protective coating for lenses

Trivex lenses are much lighter and are high-impact resistant, thereby giving comfortable wear. Protection of lenses is a must, and therefore, get anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings to enhance durability. Also, these coatings improve vision and protect the eyes from harmful rays and glares.

Frame types according to your personality

Your personality reflects your lifestyle, work-life, and activities. Hence select your frames wisely as per your need. Corporate meets would demand a professional look whereas, a weekend outing will be demanding a cool and fun-loving appearance. Decide and go for it accordingly.

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