Should You Buy a Car from an Online Retailer?


Posted on: 09 October 2014 by William Freddy Hope

As mentioned in my profile. I am an avid car fan. Both old and new. This is a little piece on car purchasing nowadays.

The days of scouring a garage forecourt looking for a new motor are fast becoming old hat and a thing of the past; rather than ambling around for hours in the often miserable UK weather searching and searching for your new car, a modern and efficient method is to take to the internet (no searching in the rain).

Whether it is a new or used car you are after, you need to do away with your out-of-date printed media and the effort of physically looking around and going to random dealerships and people’s homes, and have a look at the listings available from a respected online retailer.

Convenient and Detailed
The most obvious benefit as alluded to earlier, is how convenient it is to simply take to your computer, tablet or smartphone and browse a long and detailed array of vehicles. The more professional sites will also offer detailed specifications, pictures and price information within each one of their individual listed cars like the ones at the Exchange and Mart website.

On top of this, more often than not there will be handy drop-down menus for you to use that can narrow your search, such as:

-          The type or make of car

-          Your minimum/maximum spend

-          The mileage of the vehicle you want

-          The nearest available car that matches your criteria to you


By buying online you find that some websites cut out the hassle of dealing with difficult or pushy sellers and sales people. Unfortunately there are times where people can become difficult or even aggressive when you are viewing their vehicle(s) which you shouldn’t have to deal with; shopping and buying online can do away with any of these worries and potential problems.

Which Online Retailers are Reliable?
If you are still uncertain, there are ways to tell if an online seller is worth their salt, you need to check for:

-          How long the website has been running for, the longer they have been operating the more established and experienced they are.

-          What customer feedback that has been left regarding how well their online sales and recommendations were received.

-          How many different vehicles and dealerships they are partnered with.

So don’t waste any more time doing things the old-fashioned way, get online and up to speed with the current car sales markets and in no time at all you’ll find the right motor for you.

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