Sex and 'old people'? Heaven forfend


Posted on: 01 September 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

I'm sick of reading stories about how the over 50s are ignorant to the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and that older people are rampantly promiscuous, viagra powered slaves to lust ... blah, blah, blah. How refreshing that a recent report from Continuum Crew's Lori Bitter suggests that women over 50 prefer watching TV in the bedroom to sex.

While the US is far better at this type of navel gazing than we are, it highlights how businesses are refining the way they target the 'mature market' and the messages they will trot out to encourage you to buy their products.

In her findings Bitter reports: "Ten years ago when we were more focused on the WWII cohort as the senior consumer, we made many assumptions in our targeting about who led the decisions in a household and who influenced decisions, and therefore how to talk with those consumers. In most categories, we were targeting a male head of household with influence from his wife. We have seen a shift as the financial power of Boomer women has grown—they have something their foremothers didn’t have—access to education, opportunities and careers. The balance of household power is shifting and with this survey we wanted to understand if couples are really shopping for big–ticket items together or acting as individual consumers, particularly as electronics have become more personal, and how and what couples will spend individually without consulting their spouse."

Times have certainly changed; the nuclear family is long gone. And while we are resentful, at times, about surrendering information about ourselves in surveys, registrations, competitions etc if it gives product manufacturers and suppliers a better understanding of what I want from them, and curtails the amount of junk mail I have to sift through then I am a happy man. You can read more of Lori Bitter's thoughts at Boomers in the Wild.

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Cat Paddock posted 22 December 2010

balance of household power shifting... blah blah blah.. that's why I, and I'm sure many other independant women out there, believe the best way forward is without the need to have any shifting as such, go it alone!  and about that electronics having become more personal.. not sure if my battery operated gadget suffices, but I tell you what, it's all round a very happy household! :)

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