Scratching that job-switch itch – 3 cool new midlife careers


Posted on: 07 August 2018 by Amy Smith Brown

There are many mundane and marvellous reasons to seek career change during midlife.

You might have had a cash windfall that allows you to finally pursue your dream job, have taken early retirement — or simply be bored out of your mind by your job.

So if you’ve got a job-switch itch that needs scratching, here are three cool new midlife careers.

  1. Countryside ranger

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who dreams of escaping your corporate cubicle farm to get paid for your passion, becoming a countryside ranger with a conservation organisation like the National Trust fits the bill.

Apart from an interest in preserving areas of ecological and historical interest, you’ll probably need a driving license and decent level of physical fitness.

And if you’ve no directly relevant prior experience, securing a full-time volunteer placement that lasts between three and 12 months is an excellent inroad — projects can include everything from tending to Shetland ponies to building trails and pathways across beautiful scenic spots.

In terms of formal qualifications, gaining a postgraduate qualification in countryside management is another option — but whatever route you take, your new destination might feel much more fulfilling.

  1. Craft blogger

Handy types who can turn old tin cans into terrific sculptures and convert loft spaces into lovely living rooms can probably transform their hobbies into paid careers.

Running a lifestyle blog like Dream a Little Bigger allows you to showcase your DIY and craft skills to a wide audience, share videos of projects you’re particularly proud of — and eventually, get paid from advertisements and even as a brand influencer.

You’ll need advice on designing a well-optimised website and making the most of social media — but if your communication skills and expertise are up to scratch, there’s no reason you can’t build a loyal fanbase.

Engaging with an audience of likeminded people who you’ve fostered a positive relationship with is rewarding in more ways than one — give blogging a bash to find out for yourself.

  1. Digital marketer

When office politics have completely put you off your role in a large corporation, but you don’t want to dramatically ditch your career for something completely different, it’s possible to convert your skillset for the digital sector.

There are a range of dynamic digital marketer roles that crop up in a specialist digital agency like Attercopia — from connecting with diverse customer bases through copywriting to learning the fine points of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and optimising clients’ social media output.

Earning an accredited diploma from the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing might boost your CV enough to convince employers that you’re serious and any prior evidence of online expertise will stand you in good stead.

Whether you end up working in-house for a brand or for a busy agency, look forward to a creative and challenging career.

So there are three cool new midlife careers to help you scratch that job-switch itch — today’s prep paves the way for tomorrow’s dream job.

Have you switched jobs in midlife? Share your story in the comments section.

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roberta konrad posted 09 August 2018

Craft blogger sounds fun. I can't imagine being with no work, so I write for to feel useful. And to earn of course. But thank you for the interesting article.

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