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Posted on: 04 December 2020 by Prasant Kisore

The construction industry is among the toughest industries there is out there to compete in

The construction industry is among the toughest industries there is out there to compete in, let alone penetrate. The success factors that drive the industry players’ forward are dependent on a variety of factors among which equipment and supplies are on top of the list. We at Scoop Hire are well aware of that fact and over the years we have to come to realise something very important. This realisation is that our success depends on the success of our business partners which is why we only provide the best of equipment for construction outfits that depend on equipment to get the job done. Scoop Hire offers a range of popular & reliable equipment that range from the latest Kubota mini excavators for hire, mini dumpers for hire, ground mats, auger attachments for hire and a host of other equipment that are crucial to construction outfits. We have a large fleet which means that you never have to worry about us not having stock when your need arises. We are always available and we even provide delivery services to construction project sites around Melbourne.

Currently, due to the general market conditions where large construction jobs are being downsized, and there has been a significant increase in smaller construction projects involving homes and landscapes, Scoop Hire is actively promoting their mini excavators, Cormidi mini dumpers and range of attachments which include hydraulic hammer suits 1.7 T, 2.5 T and 3.5 T, Auger attachment suit 0.8 T, 1.7 T, 2.5 T, 3.5 T, Auger attachment drill bits and hydraulic sleeper grab attachments at reasonable rates without any issues in relation to quality. There is no doubt that Scoop Hire is the perfect partner for smaller construction outfits that rely on rentals to finish whatever projects they were hired to do. Therefore if you are an independent contractor looking for construction essentials for hire such as mini excavators, or Cormidi mini dumpers visit our website at and book it with just a few clicks of a mouse. Our online site provides contractors a platform where they are able to hire equipment and have it delivered to project sites without worrying about logistics.


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Prasant Kisore

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