Royal Wedding Knees Up in Hyde Park


Posted on: 03 May 2011 by Diane Priestley

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday, April 29, 2011 was one of good will and community spirit with just about everyone joining in the celebration.

The Brits sure know how to party! We joined 300,000 revellers in Hyde Park to celebrate, not so much royalty, as the idealism and romance of marriage and the hope of lasting love felt by every couple who makes vows of lifelong devotion.

As well as the pomp and pageantry, there were moments of intimacy and genuine warmth amongst the key players and a palpable sense of good will united an entire community.

Ironically (and the English love irony!) the flagrant display of wealth and privilege provided a spectacular morale boost for the British public facing savage funding cuts of essential services and crippling unemployment. And what a phenomenal PR exercise for the United Kingdom with two billion viewers in 180 countries tuning in to witness the wedding ceremony of this nice young couple!

Enthralled, we watched the lavish event on giant screens then, entertained by a live band, our crowd in Hyde Park danced and sung to Aerosmith’s love song, Don’t Want to Miss A Thing, amongst a tapestry of picnics. We delighted when confetti suddenly filled the air and we all gasped in unison at the dramatic fly-over!

Whatever your political views, most of us suspended our cynicism for the day, realising it was exhilarating to be part of an historic event that we will remember long into the future (as we remember the wedding of Charles and Diana 30 years ago and how that drama played out). It was sad that Diana, like any other mother who died too young, was not alive to see her son marry.

We who invest in idealism and romance, can only hope that this new generation Prince honours his solemn vows of faithfulness (and does not repeat the fiasco of his parents). We can only hope William and Kate demonstrate a lasting union of love and devotion, care and protection, making the fairytale a reality and renewing faith in new beginnings.       

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Andrew Priestley posted 10 May 2011

Diane, good article - you captured the excitement of the day.


Rylee Warren posted 17 June 2020

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