Reasons Why Travelling Gets Better with Age


Posted on: 28 February 2020 by Ethan William

Although the general belief is that exploring is for the young to get out of their systems before settling down

When people first think of all the things that improve with age – and there are many – most would imagine cheese, wine and whisky. Another delicious aspect of life that just keeps getting better is travelling.

Although the general belief is that exploring is for the young to get out of their systems before settling down, it’s important to see the world and experience as much as possible, regardless of age. Of course, home is important too. When you’re older you have made your home special and exactly how you want it, but sometimes the thrill of change will make it all the more precious to you when you return with new memories and stories.

One: You Are Smarter

It makes logical sense that as you experience more of life by gaining years, you also become more attuned to the world and what you like or dislike about it. You have a better understanding of people and how society operates. Use this knowledge to your advantage by taking the time to explore further afield and share your wisdom with other, perhaps younger travellers. You can also use this to add to your breadth of knowledge by resisting the urge to return to favourite locations and try to experience new places. The wealth of good decisions that have led you to your current point in life will serve to ensure your trips go much smoother than if you’d experienced them as a naïve twenty-something.

Two: The World is Always Changing

Perhaps you visited a country as a child with your family and it’s been decades since you last saw it. Chances are that place is very different now, but who knows? Make the journey to find out if your favourite spot has become something new to discover, or has stayed unchanged all these years. Search online for new places, too, and compare your thoughts to those of other travellers like the helpful Either way, the chance to relive these special memories and create new ones is an opportunity only afforded to those with the most to remember –the people with plenty years under their belts.

Three: You Have More Money

Despite constant economic turmoil it is a reliable assumption to make that the older you are the more money you have saved. Young people are being forced to decide between education and savings with tuition fees on the rise. Although older generations will be affected by the ebb and flow of financial concerns too, time is on your side. If travelling has been a lifelong dream, then you may have been planning your trips for many years – even if you’ve just subconsciously stashed a few pounds here and there without realising what they will eventually be spent on. No matter what people might say about experiences over money, it is unrealistic to expect a worldwide adventure to be funded on hopes alone. Your carefully saved earnings will make your travels easier and more comfortable, unlike younger people who often have no choice but to stay in hostels and work while abroad.

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Sadan Ali posted 10 April 2020

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