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Posted on: 14 June 2019 by Hillary Tailor

The heavy-duty trucks are not always the required vehicles for owner and operators. Sometimes a medium-duty rig is a better option. Kenworth T270 is the best bet for medium duty jobs. This truck is perfect if you need to perform different types of work to achieve long-time business goals.

There are many other advantages like the improved aerodynamics, luxury interiors, and upgraded level of comfort.

If you want to buy used Kenworth trucks, check the reputable dealers inventory such as Wallwork Truck Center to get the best advice on which rig will meet your long-term goals.


The Kenworth T270 is powered by the PACCAR engines that are designed to offer the highest standards of economy, reliability and durability. These engines also meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.  


Kenworth T270 provides the best performance, and even the used trucks are highly reliable. In case of any questions, you can easily access their customer support. Kenworth trucks have been known for offering lots of features and options, and the same rule applies to T270. The aluminum fuel tanks have multiple diameters, and there are various capacities to meet the needs. They are electrically adjusted to suit the aerodynamics of this model. The dash control is easy to operate, and you can also pick the narrow battery box. This is available on the passenger side. The drive axles are factory installed and have capacity ranging from 10000 to 16000 lbs, and the non-driving front axles range from 8000 to 20000 lbs. The hood can tilt up to 90 degrees and has full access to all of the corners. They are easy to reach, and it is convenient to do checks and repairs. This truck has also a high resale value, so if you want to sell it later, you will be offered a good price.

Valuable features

This truck has an improved visibility thanks to the standard peeper windows and the optional cab corner windows. The interiors are also designed carefully, and can be customize in accordance with your needs. The lighting system offers 30% more brightness, and a highly directional beam lights up your way to drive move safely on the roads.

The robust chassis ensures the truck can take care of even the toughest jobs. There are added advantages that include spacious interiors. The premium interiors will definitively impress drivers and make their trips more comfortable. Kenworth T270 can be also customized to meet your requirements.

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