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Posted on: 20 June 2019 by Caspar Lee

If life as a student could be summed up into one word, then that would be pure stress. Students enrolled in any course try their hardest to get through their education as easily as possible.

If life as a student could be summed up into one word, then that would be pure stress. Students enrolled in any course try their hardest to get through their education as easily as possible. However, some students don’t realize that their lives can be greatly simplified by only spending money at the right places. By making the right purchases, it is possible to greatly reduce the stress encountered by a student and allow them to fully concentrate on their academics.

Buy Things Before You Need Them

Now, you may be led to believe that the things you own at the moment are enough for you to last your entire course. After all, your things have been at your side for a really long time, and you feel that they can definitely last longer too. However, that isn't always the case. Being a student, you already have the stresses of maintaining your grades, social and personal life and definitely aren't looking for any additional sources. When you think about it, the main thing you need to be doing is preparing yourself for any sources of stress you are likely to encounter down the line.

Remember that table which is wobbling and could collapse at any minute? Or those clothes that are starting to look like they were found in an archeological dig? Those things are to be purchased immediately when you get the chance. Instead of waiting for the need to arise before making the purchase, you can save your time and the trouble of finding a replacement by planning ahead. You need to develop foresight to your needs and make suitable additions to make things easier for your future.

Be A Smart Shopper

We realize that being a student, money can be a limited resource. You might also be working part-time to make ends meet and support yourself financially. As such, you need to be analytical when you make any purchases, specifically those which are sure to take a substantial bite out of your monthly budget. At the moment, you might be inclined to make your purchases from a certain retailer down the road. After all, the store is literally right there and has exactly what you need, but you need to keep in mind that retailers often offer vastly different prices for the same product. Just because one store has a product listed for a certain amount doesn’t mean that it’s the same everywhere you go.

You need to make the majority of your purchases during clearance sales and discount periods. You can also wait for shopping seasons to make sure that you save more money. Alternatively, you can also look at prices from different stores and get the best deals available. Another option is to look at online websites and retailers and use coupon codes to get an even better bang for your buck.

Being a student, you will probably have no need for that expensive couch you saw at the furniture store or that art piece that costs a fortune. Instead, you need things that will serve a practical purpose and reduce your hassles in the long and short terms. If you are really looking to make your student life easier, the products listed below are a must-have no matter what your case may be.

Reliable laptop

As the majority of academic assignments are being delivered and the medium of projects changing to digital means, it is imperative that you have a good laptop PC, you can rely on. You need a laptop which can not only increase your productivity but also stand the test of time. Although, you will find a proper desktop PC to be more productive and powerful in terms of hardware specifications, a laptop offers a greater range of uses and advantages.

To start, a laptop can be carried around and taken with you on the go, as compared to a desktop PC. A laptop can also be taken to public spaces for access to free Wi-Fi, which is perfect if you are looking for, let’s say online law dissertation writing services that can help you instantly when you needed it most. Next, a laptop is an all-in-one PC, unlike a desktop which needs a proprietary monitor, desk and peripherals. Furthermore, a desktop PC isn't easy to put away if not in use, while a laptop can easily be kept on a shelf or in a closet to clear space.

Storage options

It is a common thing for students to go through multiple notebooks and records throughout their semesters and academic year, and that can make storing them a challenging task. Trying to stuff a whole bunch of books into a single closet or shelf can make sorting difficult and stressful. There is also the problem of having enough space to keep clothes and other belongings safe and organized. As such, you need to use the space available to you smartly and judiciously to make room for any additional things down the line.

The best addition you can make your room is an additional shelf. You can either keep it on the floor or mount it on the wall to save additional space and make room below. Another option is to purchase risers for your bed and use storage bins and racks for additional storage space beneath. Depending on the arrangement of your room and furniture, it is possible to almost double the storage capacity by only making a few changes. 

Quality stationery

We have all gone through the phase of purchasing those bargain bin pencils only to find out that they are almost impossible to sharpen without breaking their point over and over again. Similarly, ballpoint pens that are available for cheap often stop writing, even though their ink seems to be full. Such stationery supplies are not only a waste of money but also risky should they fail to work during an important text or exam.

When purchasing stationary, you want to find a balance between the quality and the price you can afford. If you are a design student, who needs to draw sketches, perhaps a more premium set of graphite or colored pencils would be beneficial. Likewise, if your academics require you to handwrite extensive essays and papers, a decent set of pens and well-bound notebooks are the way to go.

Durable clothing

Since you will be required to go to class and be physically present among your teachers and peers, you definitely want to look presentable to make a solid impression. This is especially true if you have a healthy social life and don’t want to be known as “that raggedy person”. Therefore, you need to have a wardrobe which is composed of clothes which are not only stylish but also durable. You need to look at both style and substance before purchasing, paying attention to the versatility of the garment too.

As casual clothes are acceptable at most institutions, you need to purchase a well-made pair of denim for everyday wearing. Try to find a pair with a coarser texture as those last the longest, and tend to loosen up as you wear them. Your shoes also need to both match your wardrobe and withstand daily wear. It is better to purchase trainers or athleisure style shoes as they offer a perfect balance between style and wearing quality.    


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