Practical Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong, Healthy, and Happy


Posted on: 05 December 2018 by Grace Najjar

No matter how good your relationship is there is always room for improvement. These are thing anyone can do to accomplish that.

More than half of the people who get married in the United Sates end up divorced. That percentage is even higher if you include the people that are not married that end long-term relationships.

There are plenty of reasons that relationships end. They are not really compatible, they live far apart, they meet someone new or they just get bored. The main reason is because people don’t put the work in needed to keep a relationship fresh. Instead of losing a good relationship, learn a few things that can help keep a relationship strong, healthy and happy for a long time.

Avoid Money Arguments

The number one thing that people argue about in relationships is money. It is easy to do this. The two people in the relationship may earn different amounts of money. They may have different spending and saving habits. The problem with money is that it is a finite resource. Most people think they never have enough money so if they think the other person is not on the same page as them, they argue.

Saying don’t argue about money and doing it are very different things. It is important to have conversations about money, but you need to realize that you don’t have to agree on everything. You have to come to an understanding of how the other person views money and they have to understand your view. That will allow you to find someplace to meet that avoids arguments.

Get Some Quality Time

Time is another finite resource in a relationship. Work, school kids and friends all put demands on your time, but if you don’t carve out some time for your partner, the relationship will struggle.

Quality time comes in many forms. It could be a few minutes in the morning sharing a cup of coffee. It could be the time spent at the end of the night before falling asleep. For some it is a walk around the block. Quality time is the time spent together with your partner that is all about the two of you. It can last a minute or an hour. It can happen on the phone or in bed. It does not matter how you make this time as long as you find a way to make it.

Share Your Thoughts

There are many reasons that men and women form relationships. Over time, you get to know the habits, likes and dislikes of someone you are in a relationship with. What you may not know, or they may not know about you is what your thoughts are. What are your fears, your passions or your desires? What are the things that make you happy. When you share these with your partner and they share the same things with you, it helps you find and do things that make both of you happy. These are the types of conversations that can happen when you spend quality time together.

The problem with this is some people don’t know how to talk about these things. They struggle to find the right words and because they are afraid of saying the wrong thing, they say nothing at all. Instead of avoiding these conversations, consider having them in a safer setting. If you turn to adult sex chat websites, you can practice talking about yourself to someone who will never remember what you said. These sites are anonymous and allow you to discover many things about yourself because you are freer to open up to a stranger.

Express Your Love

One of the things that happens in long-term relationships is people get into ruts. The things they used to do and say when the relationship first began are gone. They assume that because they are still with the person, that person knows they love them. They stop expressing their love. When people don’t get that reaffirmation, the relationship can get stale and they may look for the expression of love somewhere else.

Learn Your Partner’s Love Language

There are many ways to express your love in a relationship. The key is doing it in the way that the other person responds to it. Everyone has their own love language. Some people need tangible things that show love like flowers or cards. Others need physical expressions of love including sex or just holding each other at night. Some people need to hear the words of endearment over and over again. Find out what type of expression your partner wants and give it to them every day. When they get this from you, they will usually find ways to return it.

Do Something for Your Partner

There is nothing that feels better than getting a surprise present from your partner. The good news is that in a relationship, this type of present does not have to cost money. It could be something as simple as letting your partner sleep in on a weekend morning while you take care of the house. If your partner is complaining about it being cold at night, get a blanket for them or snuggle closer to them to share some body heat. Listen to what your partner is saying they need and do your best to fulfill those needs.

Make Your Partner a Priority

After money, this is one of the biggest relationship killers. If you ignore your partner and their needs, they will feel like you don’t need them or that they don’t need you. That will make them look elsewhere for someone who thinks they are important.

You get into a relationship because you enjoy that other person. You lose the relationship because you stop putting that person and their needs ahead of yours. A relationship works when both parties give 100% to each other. You must be willing to make your partner as important as you are in a relationship to succeed.

A good, strong and healthy relationship is possible. There are plenty of examples of people who have had this type of relationship for decades. The reason they can do it is because they work at it. They do things that help keep the relationship fresh and vibrant. They recognize that the relationship is a living, breathing thing that changes. They respect their partner and they work to make that person happy. In the end that provides them with the happiness they deserve in life.

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