Plan a Fabulos Brithday Party for 6 to 8 Year Olds


Posted on: 17 February 2017 by Celeste McConnel

Learn some great ways to plan for your grand kids birthday this year.

If your child is between the ages of six and eight, then it is a great time to transition from family-only birthday parties to birthday parties with friends. Consider rather your home is big enough to host a group of children or if it is better to hold the party at a local facility such as a pizza parlor or community center.

If you need to limit numbers in order to control expenses, then invite only one sex. Otherwise, ask your child what he or she would prefer. If you decide on both, remember that they often separate themselves, so make sure that you have enough help on hand.

Since the children are in school, they are used to being given a structure. Make this work for you by telling them what they can and cannot do as soon as they arrive. Parties do not have to be long. Two or three hours is plenty. It will allow you to have some sanity left when the party is through.

Remember that many children are extremely fussy eaters, so do not waste your time preparing gourmet meals. Keep it simple with foods they are apt to eat.

Organized group games like pass the hot potato and red light-green light keeps children entertained and organized. Encourage enthusiasm for participating by giving out lots of little prizes to the winners. This age group loves party bags, so set everyone up with one when they arrive so that they have somewhere to store their prizes. Take your time when choosing so that the party bag matches the theme of the party.

Best Party Themes for 6 to 8 Year Olds

  • Dance Fever- If the child will be turning eight, then move the furniture out of the way allowing you to host a dance party. Spin the tunes and watch the enthusiasm build. Up the excitement by having someone volunteer to be the DJ.
  • Park Ranger- Head for the nearest park and let the children play park ranger for the day. Plan a scavenger hike with things that are common to the site to encourage them to connect with nature.
  • Celebrate the World- Go thrift store shopping for clothes from different countries. Let the children play dress up while learning about different cultures. End the fun by having a fashion show.
  • Sports Superstars- Encourage each child to come to the birthday party dressed as their favorite sport’s star. Use natural obstacles in your backyard to teach children to play disc golf.
  • Reading Rainbow- Let a child or two bring their favorite books to share. Plan a craft around a story. Play some fun reading games or act out a favorite tale or two.
  • Science Fair- Birthday parties are a great place to do some fun experiments that children do not get to do at school. Let the children make slime to take home or explode a volcano in honor of the birthday person.
  • Colors Galore- Many children at this age love a particular color. Encourage everyone to wear that color to the party. Incorporate foods with that color. Hype up children on sugar by letting them decorate a cookie or two with that color.
  • Witch’s Brew- Encourage children to come dressed as their favorite character, birthday statistics 2017 show that from days of old you can serve foods from black caldrons.

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