PHP Development Tips- Advanced Approach for Developers to Create Websites


Posted on: 30 May 2019 by Randip Dhiman

PHP is a server-side scripting language that is popular amongst all business owners and developers to build powerful and dynamic websites.

When developers think of web development, they always want tips and tricks to improvise the overall design and development process. For newbies, it is quite essential to follow guidelines or tutorials to ease out the process of PHP website development.

Here, I have curated a list of some tips for developers that can help them to strengthen their coding skills. Let’s begin!

- Use PHP Frameworks

Using a PHP framework allows you to make the better of what you are building from scratch. Frameworks are pieces of software written that run on scripting languages. So, PHP language stand as a backbone of every PHP framework.

Frameworks provide you with a basic structure to start the development process. Pre-built modules of PHP frameworks help you to reuse the code in similar PHP projects will definitely save the developers a substantial effort and time. Thus, they can speed up the development process to a great extent.

Stability of code is another big reason to use PHP frameworks. You can definitely write a web application from scratch in PHP but you can easily leave security loopholes unknowingly.

Finally, PHP offers you multiple frameworks to choose from so you have a choice to make. Also, you can hire PHP development company to build a custom framework of your own choice. After all, it is up to the requirements of your business.

- Safeguard against SQL Injections

SQL injections are in the form of malicious code inserted in your database to destroy it or to access information from it. This attack is basically done to destroy data-driven web applications.

Any loophole in the coding may lead to SQL injection. Therefore, PHP developers should always carry a cheat sheet to prevent application from such security threats.

The sole reason of SQL injections is escape output failure. You need to take initiatives while development process like you can use parameterized queries and prepared statements to make it impossible for hackers to inject malicious SQL query.

- Practice Single Quotes

Practicing single quotes over double quotes is an ideal way for developers. It helps save you a lot of time and servers’ performance.

In PHP, you can specify a string in four ways – single, double, heredoc, and nowdoc syntax. For any kind of development, using a single quote technique is preferred as it is an easy and quick way to complete coding.

PHP is a language that doesn’t evaluate or interpret escape characters of a string written in single quotes until and unless it comes with a backslash (\).

Usage of double quotes forces PHP to evaluate the string even when it is not required to be. Therefore, many experts recommend to utilize single quotes over double quotes.

- Simplified URLs with .htaccess

The URLs of your website play an important role in SEO and other UX aspects. Therefore, every developer should practice easy to read and simple website URLs.

You can quickly achieve clear URLs via .htaccess file. This file is basically a configuration file used to run Apache Web Server software. It generally comes as a hidden file and perform redirection while delivering clean URLs.

It is amongst the best tips and tricks for PHP developers for performance improvements. Try out the following code for reference.


PHP is one of the best programming language available in the current time. It is open-source and quite easy to use. Still, if you can blend PHP development with a few tips and tricks to achieve good performance, you can achieve great results in no time.

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