Perfect Christmas Party Outfits for Women Over 50


Posted on: 26 October 2020 by Amy Smith Brown

Style is not something that can easily be dictated by age, nor is it something that begins to disappear as the older you get, and we all know the older we get the younger we feel

. Personal style is an identity you forge yourself created by the life experiences you have lived through. Some people develop their style, continually seeking new and wonderful garments to wear and try for different occasions, and others settle into a style and stay true to that style for years to come. Whichever way you approach your sense of fashion, some occasions will always leave you wondering if your outfit is suitable, and as we head towards one of those occasions, many people are asking themselves, “what do I wear to a Christmas party?” Here are a few outfit ideas to help you piece together your Christmas party outfit.

Little Black Dress

All going well we should be able to socialise this Christmas, and this will call for an extra special occasion. After what feels like a lifetime away from our friends and family, so all efforts must be made, and this just might call for a formal event. The only outfit worth wearing for a formal event is the trusty little black dress. Paired with some killer heels and a cardigan over the top you have a perfect formal Christmas party outfit.

Your Own Designs

If you are planning a more laid back and casual event for your Christmas party, then a Christmas jumper may be on your list of outfit choice. After the year we have been through, everyone could do with a little bit of positivity and one way to do this is by creating your own personalised Christmas Jumper for you and your friends and family with Banana Moon Clothing.

Chunky Knitwear

Not only must your outfit be occasion appropriate, but must also be able to withstand the weather, as we all know those long dark dreary nights get very cold in winter! That’s what makes knitwear such a viable option to wear for your Christmas party, as it is stylish enough to wear to a semi-formal event when paired with some cigarette trousers and boots, but it will also provide all the protection from the cold you need, and what is better than snuggling up in a big piece of knitwear during the winter.

Blazer & Jeans

If you are heading to a more formal Christmas party this year, such as a sit-down meal at a high-class restaurant, not only will you be ambitiously holding onto hope after the recent change in Government guidelines, but you will also be looking for a suitable outfit. Formal occasions are often difficult to dress for, but as me mentioned earlier there is always the option of a little black dress, or if you want a more dressed down look you can always opt for a smart blazer and skinny black jeans which makes the perfect formal evening party outfit.

Christmas Jumper/Fancy Dress

This is the one everybody loves, or hates. There is no middle ground when it comes to fancy dress and Christmas jumpers, but for a more laid-back affair either of these options make a perfect outfit which is guaranteed to impress your friends and family. There is a huge amount of options available online, from your favourite heavy metal bands through to your favourite childhood films, all available in a Christmas themed jumper.

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