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Posted on: 03 May 2017 by Lenard Johnson

Are you a Calgary homeowner who can finally afford to hire a housekeeper, but can't find a competent or reliable candidate?

Some people can’t wait for the day that they can afford to pay for someone to clean their home for them only to be unsatisfied with the results when they finally do.Sometimes you do find the right cleaning professional, only to lose them to a move or a change in careers. Or perhaps you yourself are seeking housekeeping work, but you’re having difficulty finding employers with reasonable expectations and who offer fair wages? Housekeepers and employers often feel frustrated when it comes to finding a job or a cleaner.

Fortunately, if you are trying to find housekeeping jobs in Calgary, there is good news. As with many other industries these days, there are now online sites specifically created to help prospective housekeepers and those who would hire them find each other. Such sites allow users to post jobs or indicate that they are looking for one by creating a detailed profile. These sites also allow posters to specify desired jobs or list the requirements involved, allowing job seekers and employers to filter out results quickly and easily. Sites like allow both parties to stop wasting time on their search and focus on the jobs and candidates that fit their expectations.

One of the frustrations many people discover is that there are widely different expectations when it comes to housekeeping jobs. Whereas some cleaners routinely do dishes, others are more used to jobs where they undertake major cleaning tasks (like vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing bathtubs) and leaving small things for homeowners. Below are some of the housekeeping tasks that should be completely clear from the outset:

  • anything involving heights (dusting bookshelves or chandeliers)
  • dishes, decluttering, organization
  • oven cleaning
  • laundry
  • carpet cleaning
  • bed linen laundering
  • window cleaning

Of course, not everything needs to be done with every visit; but make sure from the start that your expectations are clear.

As great as these sites are, both prospective employers and employees should understand that some of these sites are better than others. For example, below are some of the features used by

Favourite Lists – The next best thing after being hired is winding up on an employers’ favourite lists; when they need extra help or their cleaner moves on, employers who have already interviewed you can save time by giving you a call.

Identity Protected Phone Calls – The site provides potential employers with a spoof number when they contact you, meaning they don’t have to think twice about reaching out.

Customer Support – Many online classifieds leave you out to dry if you run into technical issues; find a site that not only offers help designing profiles, but also advice for prospective employers.

Finding the right position or candidate when it comes to housekeeping jobs in Calgary isn't impossible. Job seekers and employers simply need to consider where they're looking as well as the position itself.

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