Olympic torch relay - one of the chosen


Posted on: 20 March 2012 by Anthony Page

I'm carrying the Olympic torch and need to get in training

A fine mess my friends have got me into! A few months ago a mate of mine who knew I was  involved in running a small charity in South London put my name forward  to be one of the torch bearers in the Olympics London Relay!

I thought it was sweet nice thing to do but never expected to get through! Well the best or the worse news came through by email at the weekend – I’m chosen to take part!

Now why is that good and bad  news – well the good news is I’ll have a good day out with the family (twelve of us including the six grandchildren) and we’ll get some good  local publicity for The Woodlawns Centre in  Streatham.

The bad news is that the last time I did any running I fell over and gashed my face and spent four hours in A&E. My son-in-law turned at about 2am strolled up, took one look at me and said ‘So tell me when did this self-harming start?’ I haven’t done any running since!

Now I gather I will have to run 300m holding the torch high for all the crowds to see. Now this will be fine if my stretch of road is uphill or on the flat but if it’s downhill I can see trouble looming! So next weekend it’s out with the track suit and on with the trainers – can’t let Olderiswiser and 50connect down! Mishaps will not be allowed – I’d never live it down.

Anyone else out there who will be doing the relay – get in touch and let’s compare notes?  It should be fun and it’s a once in a life time experience – thank God!

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Anthony Page

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