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Posted on: 11 July 2019 by Merry Elice

If there is one thing that you learn spending 40 plus hours a week in an office it’s that everyone is different. Whether they enjoy starkly differing foods, engage in contrasting work styles, or are simply dissimilar ages, everyone is different. People’s preference in office chairs is no exception.

The very first thing you do each day is sit down, you get comfortable. You wiggle around in your chair, stare at the screen, prepare for the day. So isn’t it important you perfect this ritual? We certainly believe so. That’s why we’ve created our website, with the goal of helping everybody get the perfect start to their day.


Dating back hundreds of years, the office chair (or the swivel chair), has been used to maximize our efficiency. Getting up and moving the chair to a different part of the work station was proving to be remarkably inefficient, and quite simply tiring. This revolution soon became universal, especially during the 19th century as companies shifted from family style businesses to more administrative environments.


As the decades passed and companies became more inventive, so did the very office chairs keeping them up right. Comfort increased, as well as the functional capabilities of the chairs. Soon enough they could be lowered and raised, coming with headrests and armrests. Point being, let’s all be glad for a second we didn’t have to deal with the original office chairs.


If you’re looking for even more information about office and gaming chairs, or tips in finding your own one, read this blog!


So here we are now, 2017, with more options in terms of office chairs than ever before. This puts even more of an importance on finding the one that fits your personal needs. With the plethora of options out there, it’s unnecessary and unfair for you to have to be dealing with a chair that makes the work day even more of a burden.


Outside of comfort, there is another enormous reason to seek out the perfect chair: your health. It doesn’t take a medically-trained doctor to tell you spending eight hours a day in a chair isn’t great for your back or posture, in fact you could probably put together it’s down-right awful. That’s why it’s ever-so important to do your due diligence in finding your office chair, one that allows for you to maintain good posture as well as  helping you avoid any future damage to your long-term health.


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