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Posted on: 11 September 2019 by Charlie Jones

Our police force is the backbone of our society, always working to ensure people are abiding by our set laws

Our police force is the backbone of our society, always working to ensure people are abiding by our set laws, doing the right thing, and protecting us from those who wish or intend harm.  Officers are putting their lives on the line each day they put on their uniforms and leave their homes.  They often don’t get enough credit, especially in our world today, where there is so much conflict between the people and the police force meant to protect.  Officers work long, hard hours, have stressful jobs that are not as glamorous as we may think, and they do it all with pride and without complaint.  They are truly inspiring individuals and we should take a moment to celebrate some of the most renowned on the force. Many of these individuals have earned multiple police awards and medals for their service.

Detective John Hamlett: Greenville, South Carolina, Police

This brave member of the Greenville, South Carolina police force faced a bank robber holding two hostages, threatening to kill them both, and himself.  Hamlett managed to talk the robber down, encouraging him to give his gun to one of the hostages, both of whom he then released before surrendering himself to the SWAT team.  When faced with a difficult situation, one not only where his own life may be at stake, but with the responsibility of the safety of two innocent hostages and a hostile suspect, Detective Hamlett rose up to the occasion and managed to save the day, resulting in no casualties.

Agent Richard Burch and Agent David Weeks: West Palm Beach, Florida, Police

These agents worked tirelessly for weeks to solve the murder of a family of four, two of whom were children under the age of 5.  The killings were linked to a drug trafficking organization the two agents were previously investigating.  The agents, through their hard work and determination to solve the case, ended up making 40 arrests, seizing 50 kgs of cocaine, and $500,000 in cash.  Where many would have given up, these two agents were determined to bring the family’s murderers to justice.  Their arrests could have potentially saved countless more lives that may have been taken had these individuals been left free.

Cpl. Jeffrey D. Shriner: New Castle, Delaware, Police

This Corporal searched for a year and a half to help reunite a mother with her three children.  A local woman reported her children abducted and Shriner was not going to rest until he brought her kids back to her.  He conducted an investigation that spanned over 4 states and 4 countries, searching for the three children, aged 2, 4, and 5.  It was discovered that they had been abducted by their father and taken to Nicaragua.  His unwillingness to give up the search resulted in the reuniting of this family.

Trooper Kurt Johnson: Virginia State Police

Trooper Johnson didn’t have a moment to think twice.  When happening upon a car on fire, sprung into action, crawling through the rear passenger door to reach a small girl who was trapped under the dashboard.  He pulled her to safety, saving her life on the day of her third birthday.  Though she suffered two broken legs, she has recovered and thanks to the Trooper’s bravery, was able to see many more birthdays.

Super Heroes come in all forms, and as the old saying goes, they don’t always wear capes.  These incredible individuals spend every day putting complete strangers before themselves.  We have them and their supportive families to thank for the safe world we live in today.  They keep us all safe, help us when in need, and save lives when no one else would bat an eye.

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