Not another Knitted Jumper, Gran!


Posted on: 09 December 2014 by Louise Williams

Christmas presents can be a minefield!

I consider myself lucky, as I have two, absolutely wonderful grandsons (16 and 18 years of age). They always remember my birthday (albeit with a little nudge from their mum) and will even make me a cup of tea on occasion. I love hearing about what they’ve been up to and even what music they’re listening to (although I don’t understand thrash metal). Unfortunately, they see me as flawed; apart from being old and boring, they hate the fact I love to knit.

Every Christmas and birthday, they received hand-knitted gifts from me: jumpers with amusing motifs, socks, Dr Who scarves and even waistcoats. The reaction was not good. I’ve learned my lesson. Last year I ditched the needles and found presents they’ve really appreciated.

Video Games

Both my grandsons and all their friends adore playing games on their Xbox, portable thingies or on the PC. They’re always saving their pocket money to buy the latest must-have adventure, so I thought that would be an ideal gift from me. And because I don’t know Mario Kart from Final Fantasy, I opted for buying gift vouchers on-line. They were absolutely chuffed to bits.


The trend has moved away from earbud headphones, to something that wouldn’t look out of place on a helicopter pilot.  The idea is that they need to be noise cancelling, which sounds very appealing to me. There are hundreds to choose from, with price tags ranging from too cheap to re-mortgage level. I opted for two pairs headphones by Creative, which was in my price range. Both lads wear them constantly, while listening to music, watching movies or playing games. While this does make communicating with them problematic, it’s very peaceful.



I always get them gifts when they’ve achieved something special, so when I heard both boys had done well in their exams, I decided to opt for something that showed how proud I was: a watch. It wasn’t easy choosing between all the different designs but as they boys are quite sporty, I went for chunky rubber straps, with back-lit, digital displays, which I ordered from Watches I received the biggest hugs ever from them both and even get the occasional text message to see how I am.


Although the eldest is saving up for his first car, both grandsons go virtually everywhere on their bikes, which is great for keeping them fit and kinder on the environment. While my pension doesn’t allow me to buy them both state-of-the-art cycles, I have got them some great accessories that they’ve enjoyed using. The youngest loves making people laugh, so for him it had to be a set of stick-on dog ears for his helmet. Trust me, he loves them. As the eldest loves his hats, he received a new Yakkay cycle helmet, which comes with a very cool hat cover. 

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