Neurofeedback Training: What You Need to Know


Posted on: 15 May 2020 by Thomas Cook

Neurofeedback training uses monitoring devices to provide real-time information on the state of the physiological functioning of an individual.

Neurofeedback focuses on the central nervous system and your brain. This is a distinguishing feature from biofeedback. The concept has its foundation in data-based clinical practice and applied neuroscience. The neurofeedback training in New York takes into account subjective, cognitive, behavioral aspects, and brain activity.

People have chronic emotions or brain imbalances that affect their lives. Neurofeedback training helps improve your brain activity. It uses brain waves which are electrical impulses that brain cells use to communicate. Your brainwaves tell a lot about how you function, feel, and your thought habits. Plus, it tells a lot about your underlying mood, stress levels, and overall brain function. 

What Do Specialists Use in Neurofeedback Training?

Mind psychologists use sensors placed in a scalp to monitor and measure your brain activity. Plus, they have a brain analysis software (QEEG brain map) that identifies specific activity that is causing a rise in your symptoms. 

Once the specialists determine the concerned areas, they create a neurofeedback training program or plan that helps you draw your brain in an efficient and comfortable state. 

What Happens During Neurofeedback Training?

During the training session, the specialists compare what your brain is doing to what it should be doing. Once your brain reaches a more comfortable state, you get a positive response reward on the computer screen. The neurofeedback is like a video game, movie, or music. 

The images and sounds tell you when the brain is in a more efficient place, and if it has reached there. If the movie or music stops, it’s because the brain is going the other way. 

Just like physical exercises develop certain muscles, the neurofeedback training exercises your brain to get to a more comfortable and efficient position. The better your brain gets, the better you become. This concept requires repetition and time, just like when you are learning a new skill.

What Are the Benefits of Neurofeedback?

There are many benefits of neurofeedback training such as:

Treats anxiety

During the session, the specialists monitor your anxiety in real-time. As your brain moves to a calmer position, you get less anxious. You learn better ways of returning your mind to a calmer position when you are anxious.

Improves Your Emotional Reactions

The training enables you to choose your emotional reactions. You no longer will be overrun by your emotions. 

Improves Your Concentration and Sleep

The stimulation of your brain activity using the electrical impulses improves your concentration. Plus, you are able to have peaceful sleep as a result. Symptoms of sleep problems subside drastically as your brain activity is in a better position.

Manage Brain Injury & Severe Autism

If your loved one or you have a brain injury, you can go for neurofeedback training to treat your symptoms. Your brain will be in a comfortable position after the stimulation is done. Those suffering from severe autism benefit significantly from neurofeedback. Your brain map confirms that your brain activity has stabilized.

Whatever symptoms you have whether brain injury or severe autism, neurofeedback retrains your brain and promotes healthy patterns. Consult neurofeedback training specialists to learn more. 

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