Most Talked About IT Certifications for 2019


Posted on: 10 June 2019 by Aileen Scott

IT certifications have proven credible for professionals looking to advance their career in the IT field. Certifications such as big data certification, AI engineer, & project management etc. are some of the best certification this 2019.

Getting IT certified is an ideal way to advance one’s career in the IT industry. A career in the IT field takes a considerable amount of time in planning. At times, it takes years together for one to be able to decide what is right for them. There are hundreds of websites online demonstrating the number of IT certification for one to choose from. However, one needs to first identify and figure out what their career goal is and which pathway to follow.

Certifications offers one the leverage to boost their salary compensation. Besides this, most companies are looking for professionals skilled in the latest skills. Earning a credible certification sets you apart from competition, thus helping you the much-eyed job role you’ve been longing to grab.

A survey by Global Knowledge found that there were 81% of the IT experts in the U.S. were certified. In the U.S., a certified professional gets 11.7% higher compensation compare to those without the certification.

An IT certification is crucial, especially if you’re looking to switch careers or starting a career in the IT field. Most important reasons are these certifications offer credibility to the existing skills, offer marketability in the IT industry, last but not the least, it helps in one’s personal development.

You can consider going through these certifications as an investment this 2019:

  • Project Management Certification

Acquiring skills in project management can take years together, however it’s worth all the trouble. Getting certified in PMP is considered the most recognized offering a salary compensation of around $84,094. This certification is predicted to hold value and is in-demand in the IT industry today.

  • Big Data Certification

As organizations look for varied ways to extract information from huge amounts of data, the big data field grows exponentially.  The ever-growing field of big data, analytics, and business intelligence is in wildfire these days, and the number of big data certification doesn’t seem to cease. As a result, the demand for IT professionals with big data skills and certified professionals is ticking up. The average salary package for a big data professional is around $117,000, as per Indeed.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect

To become an AWS certified architect one needs to have at least six months with AWS and solid understanding of how to design, deploy a system that is scalable. One needs to have a solid understanding on how to design and deploy scalable systems, identify proper use of AWS architecture, and how to control cost control mechanisms. Professionals certified with this certification make around $100,00-$200,000 owing to their demand in the current market.

  • AI Engineer Certification

Artificial intelligence is currently one of the hottest buzzword in the tech industry. Within the past few years AI managed to come up with different techniques that were previously in the realms of science fiction but is getting transformed into reality today. Artificial intelligence is estimated to increase the economic growth by 1.7% by 2035. As the demand for AI professionals continue to expand so will the industries look out for candidates with AI engineer certification. Software engineers with AI and ML skills earn around $134,135 to $169,930 annually.

  • Certified Information Security Manager

Professionals with 5 years of experience in information security gets the opportunity to become a certified information security manager. This certification program also requires 3 years of experience in managerial position on security strategy, system and policy assessment. Professionals with these certifications under their belt earn a salary package ranging between $92,827 and $108,043.

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