Modalert 200


Posted on: 14 April 2021 by Jack Potter

Modalert 200 is a prescription central nervous system stimulant that helps people stay awake, enhance concentration, and combat fatigue

What is Modalert (Provigil)?

Modalert 200 is a prescription central nervous system stimulant that helps people stay awake, enhance concentration, and combat fatigue. It is commonly used to treat narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder but doctors may also prescribe it off-label for many reasons, such as to treat ADHD, for airline pilots, or to treat excessive fatigue associated with medical conditions like cancer or multiple sclerosis (MS).

Researchers aren’t exactly sure how Modalert works, but they believe it stimulates the production of monoamines (a class of neurotransmitters), which includes dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin. Although Modalert 200 is a highly effective prescription medication, it has the same effect on dopamine centers of the brain as cocaine, methamphetamine, and amphetamines do.1 Like other stimulants, it also causes psychoactive and euphoric effects, which influence a person’s moods, thoughts, emotions, and perceptions.

Not surprisingly, due to its ability to stimulate the brain, enhance focus and concentration, reduce appetite, and greatly reduce the need for sleep, Modalert is commonly abused non-medically without a prescription.

In the United States, Modalert is sold under the brand name Provigil. The medication is produced in tablet form (100mg or 200 mg tablets) and is intended to be taken once daily. Generally, it is well-tolerated by most people and clinical evidence shows Provigil may cause mild withdrawal symptoms in some patients, although physical dependence from Modalert use or abuse is very rare.

Although other similar stimulants like Adderall are regarded as being significantly more dangerous when it comes to their potential for abuse, Modalert (Provigil) is a Schedule IV drug in the United States, which means it does have the potential to be abused and it may cause physical or psychological dependence in some individuals.


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