Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing, Wearing, and Maintaining Bras


Posted on: 07 June 2019 by Sujain Thomas

Bras are certainly intimate to a lady. Bras must necessarily be of great fit and must be very comfortable to wear.

Bras are certainly intimate to a lady. Bras must necessarily be of great fit and must be very comfortable to wear. A well-designed bra should be hugging your curves seamlessly and must be kept perfectly in place by silicone elastic. A bra is regarded as a woman’s best friend that not only makes her look sexy; it also boosts her confidence and adds a whole new dimension to her personality. A good quality branded bra would be giving you the desired support, comfort, and shape just like a true friend who is always there beside you every step of the way.

We understand that your bra is the most essential and effective piece of clothing that is worn every day to enhance your curves and overall figure. Unfortunately, some women do not realize the importance of wearing a bra having the right fit and design to cater to their unique physical requirements and specific measurements.

An ill-fitted bra could be a major cause of discomfort and embarrassment. Women often end up making some incredible mistakes when they are out shopping.

Importance of Choosing the Right Brassiere for the Right Occasion

Bras are of many types in terms of fabric and styles. You must opt for a type that suits your requirements. Identify a bra that caters to your mood. Choose a bra type such as the sexy, colorful and lacy type that helps in elevating your overall mood and boosts your confidence manifold. You start feeling really good.

Mistakes to Avoid While Purchasing Bras

Your chief concern while buying a bra must be identifying the most comfortable bra because you would be wearing it for eight hours at least, while you are in the workplace. That implies that your bra must not cause you any discomfort, the underwire must not dig painfully into the rib cage, the bra straps must not tangle awkwardly against your shoulder causing you discomfort and uneasiness. The bra’s clasp must not end up scratching your back and causing you some distress while you are wearing it all through the day. Here are some mistakes to avoid while buying, using, and even storing a bra.


Mistake No.1: Buying Wrong Band Size & Wrong Cup Size

As per http://womenpla.net, “Buy a bra with the right band size. Most women mistake their band size and buy something too big for them. If the band size of your bra is bigger than needed, it will not support your breasts rightly nor will they give your breasts the needed lift. Most women buy bras with the wrong cup sizes.” You must choose a bra that has a cup size that is big enough to enclose your entire breast. Make sure that there are no bulges or spillage particularly, in the sides. You must know that bras are available in various sizes. They vary from one another in terms of both band and cup sizes. All you need to do is to find out your bra size accurately and look for the perfect size. You must try the bra before purchasing them. You must consider using an effective bra size calculator for effective measurements so that you could avoid ill-fitted bras. You could now buy comfortable and sexy bras without any fit issues.

The bra band must not be excessively loose as then it would fail to lift up the breasts properly for providing the right support. You must not, on the other hand, wear too tight fitting bras that cause major discomfort and leave behind the bra band’s and straps’ imprint on your skin proclaiming that you were wearing a bra. Do not buy smaller cup size as then you would be compelled to place your larger breasts forcefully into smaller cups resulting in unsightly bulges and bumps. Bigger cups would require constant strap adjustment for helping the bra to remain in place.

Mistake No. 2: Sticking to the Same Bra Size Irrespective of the Brand & the Store

While buying a top from a certain brand you may find that a regular medium is a right fit for you but when you shop a top from another brand at a different retail outlet, you may find that ‘Size M’ could be too tight for you. You need to realize that the parameters of outfit sizes keep changing from brand to brand and shop to shop. The same rule applies to your bras. Do not blindly choose a bra. It is a good idea to try them once before buying them because undergarments cannot be returned once purchased. Most shops have no return policy for undergarments.

Mistake No, 3: Wearing Wrong Clothes While Purchasing Bras

You must not wear a loose fitting top or any high-collared clothes while buying a bra. It is best to wear a regular and a good-fitting T-shirt or shirt that clearly flaunts your shape and shows the different shape effects which could be provided by the bra.

Mistake No. 4: Purchasing a Bra with a Protruding or Poking Underwire

Bras are not meant to be super comfortable all the time but that certainly does not mean that you would have to suffer the pain in silence while the hard metal wire pricks and stabs into your skin mercilessly. You must have chosen the wrong cup size that is smaller than what you actually require.

Mistakes to Avoid While Wearing Bras

Even at the risk of sounding funny or silly, experts recommend wearing your bra the right way as that could help you in evaluating if the fit is perfect and it may increase the bra’s lifespan.

Mistake: Wearing the Same Bra on Two Consecutive Days

Besides the cleanliness and hygiene issues, it is believed that wearing the same bra on two consecutive days would compromise its elasticity. It would be stretching out faster and shortening the bra’s lifespan. You may use two practical choices at least, that could be used alternately throughout the week instead of repeating the same bra for two or more consecutive days.

Mistake: Wearing a Wrong-Colored Bra for an Attire

One bra-associated wardrobe function is wearing white bras under white outfits. White bras would be highlighted under a white top or blouse. It is not even safe to put on light colored bras under any dark fabrics. Nude bras would work best for relatively lighter shades of clothing. However, dark-colored bras look good under darker clothes.

Mistake: Assuming One-Bra Type is Right for All

You must be wearing V-neck tops, polo-neck tees, plunging necklines and many gorgeous dresses that have attractive straps.  Your favorite bra certainly would not be versatile enough to complement all these styles. Moreover, you need to choose a bra as per the shape and fullness of your breasts and the kind of attire. Choose different types of bras for different outfits such as sports bras, balconette, push-ups, and strapless bras, etc.

Bra Maintenance Mistakes

You must have burned a hole in your pocket to buy a gorgeous bra. So it is your responsibility to keep it in perfect condition and extend its lifetime by taking proper care. You must wash them after every use and in the correct way.

Mistake: Throwing Your Delicate Bras in Your Washing Machine

Do not wash your expensive and delicate bras in your washing machine with other clothes. It is best not to run them through a really heavy cycle as that could result in stretching them out and damaging them.

Mistake: Using Your Bras over an Extended Period

Remember a bra’s life would be extending from a maximum six to eight months. If you use a bra beyond that, you would observe signs or indications of wearing and stretching. Use bras in rotation to stretch their lifespan.


Now you must enjoy your bra shopping experience as you know exactly what mistakes to avoid. Do not store your expensive and delicate bras into a drawer. Your bras would be lasting longer if you avoid the above-discussed mistakes.




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