Making the Most of Your Home: Repurposing Rooms when Your Kids Move Out


Posted on: 03 February 2015 by Louise Williams

As a parent you will vouch for the fact that there are a quite few certainties in life. One is that you’ll spend an arm and a leg trying to give your kids the best chances and another is that after you’ve invested all this in them, one day they will eventually fly the nest.

When they do leave home, while they will most likely return and visit, this can leave you with an unoccupied room, or number of rooms, just brimming with potential. By repurposing your children’s old digs you can also make the most of the many benefits this brings. So if this situation sounds familiar, in this post you’ll find just a few examples of these advantages.

New Opportunities

Until you get the chance, you might not fully appreciate just how many opportunities are available to you with these rooms. For business purposes you can create a fantastic new office space, or even indulge yourself by turning this space into something you’ve always wanted like a library or a music room for instance.

More Living Space

Arguably the most physical benefit is the improved living space you will suddenly find you have. As wonderful as it is having your children around, your home can begin to feel notably less cramped and busy once their rooms have been emptied and converted.

Better Storage Capabilities

Further to the increased living space, you can also begin to realise you have more versatility when it comes to the storage capabilities in your house. There’s nothing to stop you using a room purely for storage purposes, why not think about installing some purpose-built storage units or shelving here?

Home Value

Downsizing is quite common for many of us when our children have left home, but rather than just selling up, by repurposing these rooms you can increase the value of your property. Having spare bedrooms is a big selling point, but at the same time by converting them this can demonstrate the potential on offer in your home.

Helping the Transition

We may joke about the ‘relief’ we feel when our children leave home, but at the same time it can be quite an upsetting and difficult time. Yes, we have more space and there might be less clutter around, but often these little things can be what we miss the most and seeing their empty bedrooms can be emotionally tough. Repurposing can be a cathartic experience and can help you move on and come to terms better with your kids leaving home.

So, don’t leave these bedrooms to simply collect dust, get repurposing and make the most of what you have in your home. 

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