Making Homework Fun: Creative Ideas to Make Homework Fun


Posted on: 15 January 2022 by Emily Hill

Know All The Creative Ideas to Make Homework Fun

Do you find yourself continuously nagging your children to complete their homework? If you answered yes, don't worry because we've all been there! It's normal for parents to want their children to succeed in school, but after a whole day of paper, pens, and books, many children will begrudge doing their homework - to put it nicely!


Creative Ideas for making homework fun


  • A Dictionary


A Word Book or Vocabulary Journal is a favorite among teachers of very young students who aren't comfortable using dictionaries; here, they can create their own. Assist them in creating their own Word Book from scratch, using construction paper, cardboard, or whatever materials you have on hand.


 Make a list of the terms they have learned for the day at the end of a reading job or activity. Their homework task is to record each new word in their Word Book. The youngest pupils can simply copy the word and draw a picture of it, while older students can use the word in a statement that explains its significance. While you try these ideas you can take help from the EduWorldUSA platform. This platform also provides do my paper service. 


  • Carry out my research!


This is an entertaining technique to provide extensive practice for any grammar point. Assume you want your kids to work on their comparatives and superlatives. Inform them that you require information on this year's Oscar nominees. Tell them to go to and provide them with a list of questions to answer:


Which of the Best Picture nominees is the longest? Which of these is the shortest? The most well-liked? Who has given rise to the vast wealth at the box office? Which movie has received the most nominations? Which film, in your opinion, is the best? Compare and contrast two of the Best Actress nominees. Who is the elder? Younger? Taller? Prettier?


  • In the Press


This is excellent homework for mature students. Isn't it true that most people read the newspaper? Alternatively, you may watch the nightly news. Select a news story that has sparked their curiosity and have them.


  • Create a report based on the news stories


Create a dialogue in which a journalist interviews a character from the novel.

Respond to a question such as "What could have gone differently?" to motivate them to pertain conditionals, for instance (If the automobile driver gave birth to not answering his cell phone, he would not have resulted in the accident.)


  • Writing Emails


This is undoubtedly one of the homework projects that work well with adult learners or those studying Business English particularly. Send them an email to read and ask them to respond.


  • Take a look!


Select a TV show that is broadcast in English, either with or without subtitles (you may ask students to cover the subtitles). Choose a shoe that is appropriate for your pupils' ages. Inform your students that their assignment for that night will be to watch an episode of Modern Family, regardless of whether they normally watch the show. After watching the episode, assign them an assignment to complete, such as a recap of the episode, a character description, or a questionnaire (Do you generally watch this show? Would you start watching it if you didn't already? Why or why not?)


How to make homework fun? 


  • Collaborate


Adults generally work best in the presence of others, and the same can be said of children, so why not sit with your child while they're studying and get some work or life admin done?


Creating a shared workspace and modeling-focused work is a terrific way to spend quality time together while kids accomplish their assignments, whether you're returning emails, doing your online banking, or organizing the next primary school PTA fundraiser. Win-win!


  • Use incentives and rewards


When it comes to persuading your children to follow your family rules and routines, rewards and incentives are fantastic, and homework is no exception. 


  • Make a snack for them


Let's face it: a hungry child is a child that is inattentive, unmotivated, and unhappy.


Most kids are ravenous after school, so let them nibble on a nutritious after-school snack while they finish their schoolwork; popcorn, apple slices, grapes, flapjacks, or crackers and cheese are all terrific snack alternatives.


Netmums has a list of nutritious after-school snack ideas and recipes to try if you're feeling a little more daring.


  • Make it visible


Create a weekly homework chart so your child can see what they have to do each day and mark off each homework 'To Do' as it is completed to help minimize late-night 'Oh, I forgot to do that.' 


Once again, Pinterest has some fantastic free printables to help youngsters stay organized. Allow them to color it or design it with their favorite stickers, then pin it up somewhere at their height where they will see it every day as a reminder. Some interesting new stationery and colorful pens may also be beneficial.


  • Examine several learning apps


If your child likes to be online, there are some wonderful online apps available that youngsters will enjoy while also encouraging learning. For example, here are some of our favorite free maths websites. Speak with your child's teacher as well to find out the apps they use at school so you can support what they're doing at home.


  • Allow them to act as teachers


Make another enjoyable homework activity by setting up your mini-classroom and allowing your youngster to play the role of instructor.


As you or a sibling plays the part of the student, have your youngster explain a concept to you as a teacher. This game is especially useful for disciplines that require theory, such as science because it improves students' knowledge of the issue while also developing logic and reasoning skills.


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