Looking Into The Different Issues In Recruiting Healthcare Workers


Posted on: 30 September 2019 by Sujain Thomas

You will need to ensure you have a highly trained and qualified health care task force in 2019 to excel in this highly competitive field. There are several different home health care

You will need to ensure you have a highly trained and a qualified health care taskforce in 2019 to excel in this highly competitive field. There are several different home health care agencies are coming up like mushrooms of all sizes and shapes, but most of them seldom cross the first year of their launch and survive to see to the years to follow.

Recruiting healthcare workers is not an easy job because the future needs not only people who have a fair bit of knowledge about different jobs in health care but those people who are highly qualified, professionally trained and have years of hands-on experience. Since people now are more knowledgeable, thanks to Google, they will not take anything lying down.

The reasons

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing segments of the economy and that is why most owners think that they will find a lot of aspiring health workers making it very easy for them to recruit the best people for their aging services businesses.

Yes, the hospitals find it easy in this arena but for the small and individual healthcare service providers, recruiting workers for providing services to the agedhas always been somewhat harder.

Why this is so is the question that may be lingering in your mind. Well, this is because there are a few systemic issues related to the recruitment of healthcare workers such as:

  • Image problem
  • Money problem
  • Training and education issues
  • Stress and burnout.

These issues and causes you will need to understand first in order to move ahead with your business successfully in 2019 and beyond looking over and above the common symptoms of such businesses failing.

Image problem

There is an image issue in the field of healthcare, especially the nursing homes suffer the most from a bad image as compared to any other segment of aging services. You do not have to search much to find some stories of elder abuse by the home care workers.

  • What is even more problematic probably is the fact that studies on the number of earlier convicts working in the industry does not help much to the new ones entering in this field.
  • It is actually the halo effect of that bad image of the former players that carries over to all other providers of aging service.

However, as it is in any other industry, there are both good and bad performers in this industry as well as good and bad stories.

If you want to excel in this industry you should:

  • Perform well
  • Collect your good stories of care
  • Tell them to the local media
  • Re-purpose the stories for your newsletters and
  • Publish these in the web as well as in the social media.

Also make sure that you look for and use your representative associations so that they can take your image message more effectively and successfully to the masses.

Experts in the industry say that you must identify and reward the best healthcare worker or workers in your organization. Let them speak up in their own words as to why they find this career fulfilling and promising and how your inorganization acted as an enabler to that.

Money problem

With no further explanation required, this is an issue faced by most of the industries and healthcare industry is no different. Most healthcare workers make very low wages as compared to the hospital counterparts.

A major part if this issue is traced to reimbursement as:

  • Medicare and a few private payers pay for some of the aging services but all of them are minority payers and
  • On the other hand, Medicaid is the default payer for the nursing home care.

That means that mostly self-pay is predominant in this industry. It also means that until reimbursement gets better, the wages for the healthcare workers will not rise.

Education and training issues

According to the Institute of Medicine, excelling in this specific segment needs clinical expertise. Therefore, it is required to train your entire workforce to convey the geriatric principles in healthcare as that will impact the end result of your service, big time.However, the cost of such training is another issue that the health care providing agencies face.

Follow these recommendations and talk to your legislators regarding this matter. This will take you a long way.

  • Brush up all those intricate details and nuances of advocacy
  • Teel your stories to the legislators working with in your state as well as the national agencies
  • Educate the general people on aging issues
  • Prepare for providing financing care
  • Provide financial incentives
  • Increase the number of geriatric specialists and faculty in geriatrics
  • Increase payments especially for theclinical services and
  • Provide awards to motivate your workers.

You can also create and establish different programs for loan forgiveness, direct financial incentives and scholarshipsfor those professionals who want to become geriatric specialists.

Empower the workforce

In order to satisfy your workforce, you will need to empower them with better equipment and facilities as that will surely show and sustain an upward trend in the number of healthcare workers in your organization. Focus intensively on their skills and commitment, especially for those workers who directly deals with the residents and communicate with their family members.

Apart from the pay and benefits, you will need to ensure that the workers believe in the following to attract and retain best healthcare workers:

  • Management cares and listens
  • There is enough workplace safety
  • They get and will get adequate help in case of job stress and burnout
  • The supervisor cares, appreciates and informs
  • They have enough equipment and supplies and
  • They are given passable training to deal with problematic residents

All these will translate into a specific strategy that must involve hiring the right management and leadership, providing bet and ongoing training, equipping the staff with proper tools according to their job.

You will be better off if there is a scope and you have satisfied staff and you leverage them and use them as ambassadors for your recruitment efforts.


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