Looking for a New Career? Options for Older Adults


Posted on: 14 January 2015 by Pano Savvidis

It's never too late to change career.

Tired of doing the same dull job day-in, day-out? Then it is definitely time for you to look for a new career. As an older individual you shouldn’t be deterred by your age, as there are always risks involved, but as the saying goes ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. At the same time, your years of experience in the working world are an invaluable asset as you will have built up a substantial skillset, particularly if you’ve had more than one role in the past.

To help point you in the right direction though, in this post you will find some examples of new careers you might want to consider. Along with this there is useful advice regarding which skills can be used in these recommended roles.

Care and Support Jobs

For those of you with children, or indeed grandchildren, you might want to consider looking at care and support work. This could be for the elderly, young children or even struggling families. Naturally, good people skills, patience and an understanding attitude are essential for care work, which as a parent you should already have. Former teachers or those in the education sector also will have strengths in this field.

Taxi Driving

Setting up your own taxi services is a great way for you to work independently and meet a lot of new people. Needless to say, having an appropriate form of transport and being a good driver is a must, but also you need management skills to organise your jobs and finances. Having experience in long-haul driving and also entrepreneurial work is advantageous, but taxiing is quite accessible for pretty much everyone.

Advisory Roles

If you have worked within a particular sector for a number of years you could use this knowledge to move into an advisory role. Take finance for instance, you could provide support and guidance for those who are unsure what to do with their money. You could set up your own service or become involved with a specialist firm or bank, using your years of hard work to help others.


There’s nothing to stop you taking a step into the academic world. You may once have had ambitions of completing a Master’s or a PhD and it might be worth finally doing this. Eventually you could land a role as a researcher or a lecturer in one of the country’s colleges or Universities, working on a subject you feel passionate about.

So, be sure to take on board some of this advice and use your experiences to help find yourself a career you can really enjoy. 

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