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Posted on: 23 October 2012 by Simon Harding

We, and by "we" I mean those in the theatre industry, forget how much of an effort it can be to arrange to go to the theatre. So I wrotea book to help.

I've just finished my first e-book and it has already been downloaded over 100 times - OK you can get it for free but you would be surprised how hard it is to give some stuff away these days.  But also people seem to be sharing it so it must be of some use.

So is London theatre a minefield to get through? What are the problems you face? What would you like to be done better, or at least differently?

London Theatre and Theatre Breaks designed to be a helping hand for anyone wanting to come to London to go and see a show.  It talks about what shows are available and when, I talks about how to get good deals and when to expect them and when not to expect them. It talks about restaurants and hotels around London and it talks about saving money when you are out and about - it even talks about geting to London.

All in all it is 40 or so pages of tips, hints, tricks and cheats!

I hope that if you decide to download it it will be of interest to you and I hope that you will find it usefull.

If not, do get in touch - I can always change it!

Click on the link for the book: London Theatre and Theatre Breaks

Or if you want to plunge right in and start booking then you can do so here:

London Theatre Breaks

London Shows (tickets only)

London Theatre Packages (meal deals etc!)

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