Limited Mobility? Limited Problem! Planning an Accessible Holiday


Posted on: 17 April 2015 by Daniel Lofthouse

Speaking from my own experience, if you have a disability or struggle with limited mobility, planning a holiday can be a logistical nightmare. Here are my top suggestions for planning an accessible holiday to suit you.

A huge number of individuals have mobility problems in their later years. This can be frustrating enough when trying to navigate the accessibility pitfalls of daily life, but can become and even more remarkable challenge when travelling or trying to book a holiday which will accommodate one’s changed needs. Restricted mobility, however, should by no means stop you from going on holiday altogether: disability is becoming better-understood and accommodated for every day, and many destinations and tourist attractions which might previously have been off limits to visitors with disabilities or difficulties with mobility are now more than adequately equipped to handle these specialised needs. If you’re still unconvinced, here are just a few ways for those with limited mobility to get their travel fix:

Take a Cruise

Cruises are a luxury way to travel around the globe, and cruise holidays are an excellent way for those with limited mobility to enjoy a huge number of overseas destinations. On a cruise you can explore stunning locations without having to do any more physical activity than you’re comfortable with – excursions are always optional, and you can discuss your needs with your travel provider beforehand to find out which trips ashore will be the easiest for you. Choose a ship with roomy cabins and easy access between decks, and enjoy your voyage!

Travel at Home

For those who aren’t comfortable with the idea of a long journey, taking a ‘staycation’ instead of venturing abroad is a great way to remove the stresses of airport transfers and travelling to your chosen hotel, both of which are made harder when mobility is limited. Enter the idea of a holiday in England instead: for those wanting a holiday closer to home, the UK offers some of the most gorgeous scenery in Europe. Depending on your location you can even venture out to some of Britain’s National Parks for a chance to get outside, where you will be mesmerised by some of the most stunning British views.   

Try a City Break

For those who are feeling adventurous, a city-based holiday abroad grants the ability to explore a foreign destination with much less long-winded travelling involved. City airports are usually fantastically disability friendly, as well as being far closer to your chosen hotel than any less urban alternative. Take taxis or scope out how accessible your chosen city’s public transport is before you go – this will maximise the chances of your being able to experience all the attractions of your chosen destination.  

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