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Posted on: 25 December 2018 by michale scot

One of the ways has strongly promoted the development of these industries and brought new vitality to these industries.

With the development of laser technology, laser marking, laser welding and laser cutting are more and more widely used in the industrial field, such as the electronics industry, automobile manufacturing, hardware, shipbuilding, civil and military fields. One of the ways has strongly promoted the development of these industries and brought new vitality to these industries.

With the gradual expansion of waterproof laser pointer application scope, the market demand for laser technology application is also growing. It is gradually reducing the market share occupied by traditional methods. As one of the directions of laser application, laser marker-laser marker is becoming more and more active in the market because of the following reasons: fast marking speed, high precision, strong stability, no damage to the surface of processed goods, marking. Smooth surface and texture; wide range of applications, such as stainless steel ornaments, clocks and watches, dies, IC, mobile phone keys and other industries of fine marking; laser processing process using computer software control system, flexible and convenient operation, no manual error, can effectively reduce the bad rate of enterprise marking; processing process will not produce toxic and harmful substances will not ring. The environment and the human body cause harm.

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Laser marking machine technology is one of the largest applications of laser processing. Laser marking, as a new and high-tech marking method, is a marking method that uses high energy density laser to irradiate the workpiece locally, to vaporize or change the color of the surface material, thus leaving a permanent marking. Laser marking can produce all kinds of characters, symbols and patterns. The size of characters can range from millimeter to micrometer, which has special significance for anti-counterfeiting of products. Compared with the traditional marking methods such as mould, electric corrosion marking, non-adhesive, screen printing and startup marking, military laser pointer marking has the characteristics of fast processing speed, high precision and never wearing out. At the same time, laser marking belongs to a non-contact processing process, and there is no mechanical effect in the process of processing, and it will not damage the material on the surface of the processed items. So the automobile manufacturers now. In order to ensure the labeling effect of parts, laser is widely used to label parts information. Laser equipment adopts computer software control system, which has strong compilability and stable performance. It can not only edit the pattern and text of automobile parts, but also meet the needs of mass production and personalized customization. It provides more space for automobile design and manufacturing.

Nowadays, people pay more attention to the performance of automobiles, at the same time, there are more and more concerns about safety. Auto parts belong to multi-varieties and large-scale production. At present, the quality control mainly adopts the method of spot check, which belongs to post-inspection, and can not play a preventive and control role in the production process. Now through information traceability, we can change the quality control from checking after the event to preventing beforehand. astronomy laser pointer marking plays an important role in this link. By using the information of laser marking parts and components, we can find and eliminate abnormal parts and components in time, prevent defective products in production and inspect the quality of products; moreover, we can also inspect the products which are in production. In the production of defective products that can not be detected, we can trace the information through the information marked on the parts, so as to quickly determine the causes and batches of defects, and promptly do a good job of rapid response. This not only effectively improves the quality of automotive parts, but also ensures the driving safety of the car, so that each of our car passengers has an additional guarantee, avoiding some accidents caused by minor failures.

With the increasing market demand, more and more manufacturers are beginning to invest in laser equipment industry, different brands and models of laser equipment are also increasing, which directly results in the increasingly serious homogenization of products, making the market competition of 18650 laser pointer equipment more and more active; in order to stand out in the competition, it is necessary to improve the technology. In order to attract customers and improve their competitiveness in the current market, we need to constantly upgrade, have our own core competitiveness, develop new machines, and at the same time strengthen customized design and product services.

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