Kids Should Play And Be Happy!


Posted on: 07 November 2020 by Jennifer Steffan thomas

Kids Should Play And Be Happy!

When children play, they are happy and, at that moment, nothing is more important to them.
We all know that playing is something innate for children; it is a necessity. Playing is synonymous with joy and fun; children play freely and voluntarily, an activity they always want to do, and when they do, they put all their illusion into it.
When they play, there is nothing else. Their job is to play, and while they do, they are growing and learning without realizing it. As Albert Einstein said, game is the highest form of research; by playing, they are getting to know themselves and, in turn, the world around them. That is why playing is essential for their development and learning, and the best of all is that when they play, they are happy!
Helps Understand and Express Emotions
When they play some games like the marble race game, they can express themselves freely; they learn to deal with their emotions as they act to deal with their fears or feelings. In this way, they improve self-confidence and self-perception. It is also an opportunity to foster empathy.
Helps Develop Physical Skills
Active playing is essential for children's physical development. It helps them improve their coordination, balance, and motor skills. Also, numerous studies confirm the benefit of leading an active life from a young age, improving their health, eating habits, and even sleeping.
Improve Cognitive Skills
One of the best ways to stimulate brain development in children is by playing! In the 0 to 3 year stage, they begin to learn cognitive skills such as paying attention, reasoning, remembering things they have learned and experienced, so it will be important to play with them and provide them with the necessary resources for learning. From the age of 3, they will be more autonomous when playing. The simple fact of making decisions, concentrating on the activity, and solving problems, will be an important element of control and cognitive development.
Improve Communication
By playing with others, children learn the art of communication. They even recognize facial expressions and body language! Whether through role-playing, board games, group games, the little ones discover how to hold conversations, how to express their thoughts, and in this way, they improve language and literacy skills.
Increase Creativity
Games allows children to let their imaginations run wild as they create worlds of their own in which only they are in control. Playing games like marble run toy offers children the freedom to explore new possibilities, develop ideas, and seek creative and unique solutions. 
Expand Social Skills
Cooperative play helps children improve their social skills. It helps them learn to collaborate with others, to share, to show affection, to resolve conflicts, and in turn, they learn the roles and coexistence in society.
So, what do we do that we are not all playing? After all, there is no age to stop playing. Whether we are children or adults, playing brings us countless benefits, and let's not forget that playing reduces stress and anxiety.

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