Key Types & Foremost Importance of Badges


Posted on: 27 March 2015 by Nicholas Johnson

Fashion accessories are one of those items that complement the wearer’s outfit and outlook in a specific way.

Badges are one kind of a fashion accessory, often containing an emblem of an organisation. Badges are an important part of official and brand identity. As these contain the name of the company, name of employee and logos, these can be an important way of establishing an identity both in employees’ minds and the rest of the world.

There are various badge makers available throughout the world, offering multiple collections of badges which are not only just simple name identifiers, but act as security and information insignia at work, school, public events and many public places.

A number of diverse types of badges and identification which are carried by individuals and officials include –

·         License Badge- These badges reflect authority and convey messages.

·         Metal Badge – Authentic metal badges contain specific markings such as ID numbers or small markings. Such badges are manufactured from different types of metal, ranging from brass to aluminum to steel.

·         Plastic Badge – Plastic badges are mostly used as IDs for banks, laboratories, high security areas and driver licenses. Such badges are usually custom made for particular organisations, businesses or people.

Choosing superior quality badges and emblems is important to convey the apt message. Some of the points that should be considered before buying badges are:

1.       Superior quality products should be used

2.       The printing and embossing technique used by the manufacturer should be excellent in order to shape the badge attractively and impressively.

3.       Utter care should be taken at manufacturing employee badges because these represent the company, company culture, company identification etc. there is no room for compromise in quality even when the size is small.

4.       A clear and impressive badge always leaves a lasting impression in customers’ minds.

5.       Badges with a perfect finishing touch complete a company’s identification aesthetically. Therefore the quality of the badge is vital.

Always trust on reputed badge suppliers who offer quality badges that are designed in sync to meet individual’s requirement and budget.



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