Keep Calm and Plan a Wedding


Posted on: 22 January 2016 by William Freddy Hope

Whether the proposal came out of the blue, or you and your significant other had been discussing it for months, at some point you’ll have woken up and realised you have a wedding to plan. Being methodical, with a giant helping of common sense, will get you through the process unscathed.

Setting the Date

You need to consider several factors when deciding on a date. If it has to be a particular venue, bear in mind that some popular establishments, have weekends booked up years in advance. Do you prefer a summer wedding, with possible sunshine and liberal perspiration, or will you opt for a winter wedding, with all the romance of Doctor Zhivago, sprinkled with frostbite? Once you know when, send out simple save-the-date cards as soon as possible. Once that’s done, you can send the invitations at your leisure.



More couples now fund their own nuptials, with the key elements being venue, catering, apparel, photographer, transportation, wedding stationery, accommodation and fees. Even the Registry Office charges £70 per couple. Once you get the total, add 25% for good measure because there are always unexpected expenses, such as staff gratuities, wedding favours, etc. Having a deconstructed wedding can work out cheaper but is more labour intensive.  Obviously the more guests, the greater the expense. Second cousins do not have to be included, as it’s understood that getting married is expensive. Be selective, as smaller weddings are not only more intimate, by spreading your budget over fewer guests, you can upgrade the food and accommodation. Couture wedding dresses are available second-hand and you may know someone who’s handy with a camera. Buy some luxury card and either write or print your own invitations, menus and place settings. It’s amazing how much you can save by thinking creatively.



Your wedding is not about point scoring. Be original and think about how to give both you and your guests a warm and memorable occasion. Without a doubt, every couple should have a large pin board for planning, such these, available from Adboards. Look through magazines and on-line for ideas, and display any photos, designs, fabric swatches, stationery samples, etc. that appeal to you. Eventually you’ll pare it down to create your final mood board. You will also need a white board for your timetable and to-do list.


Food & Drink

Seated dining is popular, however the menu choices can be unexciting and it keeps people in situ for a long time. Buffets have more variety but guests will have to queue. If your venue doesn’t cater, such as a bunk barn or village hall, an increasingly popular alternative is a mobile catering van, which can provide meals ranging from paella to a hog roast. It’s less formal but possibly more fun. The wedding cake can take the place of dessert, to keep costs down. Prosecco is so in vogue, why pay extra for champagne? Many venues will allow you to bring your own alcohol and despite corkage being charged, the savings can be significant. Choose several and taste them, then see if your local supermarket for deals.

It's worth a quick mention that our four legged friends can play a key part in our lives and therefore should be included in weddings. My friend wrote a great post over on Printavibe's website which highlights some stylish accesories for dogs and these might work well as wedding inpirations?


Provided you remain realistic and are meticulous with your organising, planning your wedding should give you more joy and less stress. 

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William Freddy Hope

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