Is It a Good Choice for Older Man Dating a Younger Woman?


Posted on: 10 September 2017 by Logan Wood

Sure, most married hetero sexual men and particularly the age of 50 years on wards will prefer to date a younger lady.

There are several benefits that men dating young women will enjoy.

Younger Women Show More Love to the Old Man

Young ladies tend to care more for the old man sometimes even more than the daughter (who is same age to this young lady) would care for her father. On the other side the wife of the old man, (who is probably the man's age or relatively +/- 5) shows less concern about the ageing folk. Basically, she is too lazy for the old man. The young lady will be running after the old man calling him the sweet names he always wanted to hear. So why date the old whereas the young show you more affection?

Younger Ladies Will Be There To Support Old Men

As the old man ages, he will want to achieve more. The wife is already of age and can’t give much support as she used to. There are certain aspects of life that the man will always want a woman to assist in. For example, every man would love it when the lady defines his wardrobe. The old woman may not be able to accompany him to the boutique. Dating a younger lady will fill in the gap left, and life continues to have a new meaning every day as the over 50 old man can still achieve what he wanted. Therefore young ladies will substitute the older ladies.

She is Sexy and Will Offer More Fun in Bed

Yes, she is smoky hot and will always give the best than the old woman at home. She has the energy to grab you and make you roll over and over again. She will kiss your lips and all the other sweet stuff you always wished your aged wife would do. So why not date a younger lady? Older women will get lazy in bed when they hit around 45 years. The old man may be struggling to ignite the affection, but it just can’t come like it used to earlier age. Therefore he finds an option in an energetic young lady.

She is Much Trendier than Older Lady

A young lady will keep the man updated on trending topics than the older lady who no longer reads latest magazine publications because she is too lazy to know what is happening and where. Men love someone they can discuss news with, and older ladies are simply poor at it.


Of course, the old lady was once young and could do for the old man what she can’t do now. However, men are unforgiving and will not understand that she can no longer do it because age caught up with her. He will seek revenge because you can’t do it and the young woman who is likely to be your daughter’s age, is the option. Such is life and men love it that way.

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Logan Wood


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Rylee Warren posted 30 June 2020

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