Interesting Fact You Never Knew About Australian Kelpies


Posted on: 30 June 2021 by Davis Martin

Australian kelpies often called working kelpies are quintessential dog breed suits for individuals who prefer an active lifestyle.

Highly energetic, intelligent and savvy canine companion, Australian kelpies often called working kelpies are quintessential dog breed suits for individuals who prefer an active lifestyle. These days, you may often find the kelpie as a family pet. however the active lifestyle they love, they are happiest when they are busy and have some kind of job to do. 

The Athletic and joyful dogs best suit an active family with a large house space or large farm. With their leadership quality and herding instinct, they are fully capable of herding animals and guarding possession.

For those looking for Australian kelpies for sale to make them a part of the family, note that this breed of dog is not for everyone. Debugging the mystery, let's uncover some of the unknown facts about Australian kelpies and make a decision whether the pet is perfect for you or not?

Origin and history: Where did kelpies come from?

It is widely known that Australian kelpies originated in the 1800s in Australia cross-breeding with Scottish breed dog collie. Known especially for herding activities, they are bred with remarkable skills to perform various hard tasks and survive in Australian summer.

Today, you can find Australian kelpies skillfully completing a variety of tasks including assisting in detective jobs, as a therapist, service dog, athletes, performing sports, however, they are still used in herding activities.

But if you are looking for kelpies for sale who could be a pet, they will require a highly patient trainer for training, a lot of exercises and constant mental stimulation that keeps them engaged. 

How big does a kelpie grow?

Weighing approximately between 11 to 20 kg, a kelpie is a medium-size dog breed heightened around 43 to 50 cm. They measure 15 to 20 inches at shoulder height, however, the individual length may vary and also depends on their gender.

What are breed Physical characteristics?

With the bred size medium, they are often confused with the mixed breed of “mute” for pricked ear loops, a “german shepherd” for their curled tail, “border collie” for short and shiny hairs coat, and “Rottweiler” for their tan colour, but the truth is kelpies are a special breed all their own.

Despite the combat size, they are strong and muscular working dogs covered in short fur with a dense undercoat.

Personality standard - eager and alert:

Always with a go, go, go mode on, they do best at jobs that require a lot of physical and mental activities. Working as a house pet, a small walk around the lawn is not enough to satisfy them. Dog sports, exercising, hiking, swimming, surfing and some sort of engaging work, you need to provide them work and we bet they will be happy.

Obedient and cheerful, Kelpies warn owners to keep them engaged or they will become destructive.

Moreover, they are wary of strangers and protective of their possession, a good attribute for a guarding dog who barks at intruders or any signs of danger.  

Extremely smart breed to train:

Intelligent and high learning abilities, not to mention kelpie bond very closely to trainers and follow commands making them the right dogs that are easy to train to do different tasks. You can find them excelling in all kinds of sports, especially those that require distance handing like herding, agility, or surfing competition.

Suitable to do work of several men:

The Medium size dogs build like an athlete and with a natural herding instinct, they can watch over livestock in a large space. They are practically inexhaustible and can work for longer hours proving themself as an important asset for farmers.

Table pieces or rebate food is not for them:

Since they are highly active and energetic, they will need the right diet to match their lifestyle. High-quality canine food is great for them. However, experts recommend avoiding table scraps and food with more filler ingredients in their diet to protect them from obesity.

Are Australian kelpies good as a family pet?

Though never intended to be a family pet, kelpies can be the right pet for a family who loves an active lifestyle, they are the best fit for a large family living in a large yard space, where dogs feel more engaged. Moreover, it is their loyalty and values that make that perfect pet for a family.

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